Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Book That Changed My Life

I have a new hero, Paul Campos, author of The Obesity Myth. The logical arguments and unbiased look at what the "research" regarding the topic actually said was right up my alley. I could really read all the pro fat acceptance, feel good as your are books on the market and they wouldn't have done what this one book did for me. Actually reading what the science was saying freed me. As I read about how all the misconstrued data, the weight loss industry's tactics, the relentless demands of our society's cult of thinness I felt like I was slowly getting unchained from years of bondage.

I feel free to finally enjoy my life, unburned from some mystical guilt that I'm being a selfish, reckless parent by being fat. Freed from the notion that I can't be healthy and fat.

For those of that have spent been in the trenches of fat acceptance they have known about much of this for some time but I'm glad the message is still getting out there. Funny how almost every new diet book gets tons of press but a book like the The Obesity Myth seems to get lost in comparison. For anyone that might be new to Paul Campos' revolutionary ideas Truth-Driven Thinking has a good transcript on an interview with him.

The only really sad part to me is thinking about how all that wasted time, expense, and energy on trying to lose weight only succeeded in likely making me fatter than I would have been otherwise.


Johnskibeat said...

Fat schmat. What matters is what's underneath - I'm married to a beautiful woman. She worries far too much about her weight but slowly she's accepting that she's happy - that's really important to both me and her. You describe yourself as fat and happy - I love that. Think I'll be fat and happy too.
Love your blog.

D said...

great blog. Keep up with the excercise, it makes you feel good even if it doesn't take it all off. Celebs work out for hours to get that look. Our modern society of driving everywhere and sitting to work really don't help things. But I wouldn't trade it, I looove blogging. I'm glad you are with someone you love who loves and accepts you for who you are. I just wish it were true for all of us.


clairec23 said...

I remember reading an article in the paper that opened my eyes. An overweight woman and a "normal" sized woman were both given a health check. The woman who was supposed to be overweight was actually much fitter and healthier than the other. That was the first time I actually "knew" that being overweight wasn't the same as being unhealthy.

Cherie said...

D, at this point I'm not expecting the exercise to take anything off, just to make me healthier. Especially since I've been doing it for a while. You're right, I'm very fortunate in my marriage. I hope you find the same. I love your blog as well!

Cherie said...

Claire, it is eye opening. A major problem is those that are overweight are just assumed to be unhealthy by people in the medical community.

Thanks for checking out my blog!