Monday, November 5, 2007

The Exercise I Love

Family lore has it that I could swim before I could walk. I never remember learning how to swim, I just always could so I'm guessing it's true. My dad had been a lifeguard and a swim instructor plus I grew up on a lake so being able to swim was a safety issue.

My childhood summers were long, hazy days of everyone at the beach. To me swimming has always had connotations of those days. I never swam on a swim team, where we lived they didn't have those yet, but I'm sure I would have if it had been available.

Most of my adult life didn't include much swimming,mostly just recreational opportunities . Then about three and a half years ago I took the kids to an open swim and I fell back in love. I needed to take a hiatus from it during the end of my last pregnancy as I was put on bed rest and it took until he was about ten months for me to get back to it. I love it, some days I can't wait to get there.

I generally swim laps for 45-60 minutes three times a week. I'm not fast and can usually be found in the slow lane but I can keep going and going. Not only is it exercise it's therapeutic. I love the feel of the water running up my arms, over my shoulders, and rushing between my fingers. I drink in the serene feeling I get as my head glides under the water while doing the breast stroke. The best is when I have the lane all to myself and I can do an angel wing backstroke.

One of the bonuses to me is in the pool I'm just another bobbing, swim capped, goggled head. My size matters not a wit. In fact many of the people who work at the pool are fat, even the aqua aerobics instructor likely wears a size 20. Unlike a gym I rarely feel judged for my size there.


Harriet said...


I like your blog--good to see another smart size acceptance blogger!

--Harriet Brown

Cherie said...

Thanks Harriet, it good to be here!