Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why Fat?

Some lovely ladies at my favorite forum, Frugal Living, said I was being too hard on myself in my blog. After thinking on it a bit I think it may have a lot to do with using the fat word. For most of my life I have used euphemisms like Rubenesque, voluptuous, or pleasantly plump. My favorite description ever used for me is in my medical file from my OB/GYN with my second child. It describes me as "a fully developed, well-nourished women". That's beautiful! And hilarious! How I miss that doctor, he retired several years ago.

I use to go out of my way to avoid using the fat word to describe myself or anyone else, ever. Once when in a dressing room with my little niece she asked my why I wasn't getting a shirt I just tried on. Trying to shield her from the critical comments about weight I had received while growing up I said, "Oh, I'm too cushy for it." After all, to a four year little girl cushy is good. It's only after reading more about the size acceptance movement have I determined to get comfortable the fat word.

I'm sure like many others I have to get over the emotional load that comes with the word fat. For many of us it comes with a lot of baggage. We may been taunted with it on the school playground, we may have accused ourselves with it in the mirror, excused ourselves from leading a full life because of it, or even been disgustedly hurled with it by a parent or loved one.

I do see the point in trying to dismantle it's power. It's an adjective like any other, it's not a measure of my worth, just a physical description. Besides, I'm sure the men involved in the size acceptance movement generally wouldn't appreciate being called Rubenesque or voluptuous. Nor does voluptuous acceptance conjure up the same ideal as fat acceptance.

After all, outside of referring to a person's size fat is generally a good thing. Who doesn't want a fat wallet? Fat, ripe berry? Fat, juicy steak?


Belle of the Blog said...

Just found your blog! LOVE it & I'll be back to read some more. A pleasant surprise to see that I'm on your Blog Role. Sending you a Big Fat Beautiful Kiss & a deeply felt Thank You!:) And I'm going to add you to my blog roll. Right now I don't have my blog open to comments because of the Fat Haters...I've had enough of them to last me a lifetime!

Cherie said...

I love your blog as well. Thanks for checking mine out. It's nice to have you here!

I debated not leaving mine open to comments because of the fat haters but right now I just expect them at some point. How bad is someone's life that they would feel the need to troll fat acceptance sites just to hate on them? If it gets bad I'll revisit the issue.

kody james said...

I like the word "fat." I'm not fat, but I'm certainly not skinny, either... and I'm learning to like the parts of me that are more fat than thin.

But to me, the word "fat" has always been positive. My mother has been fat my entire life, so to me it is all the things I love about her: proud, independent, LOUD, funny, caring, beautiful, strong.

And I vote for leaving the comments open -- when I find a blog that doesn't allow comments (Junk Food Science, Red No. 3 the first that come to mind), it's always a disappointment. At least with wordpress, it's easy enough to moderate comments, and you can even set up filters to block comments with certain words.

I will be back. :)


Carletta said...

I noticed your blog on the homeschooling forum.

I agree with you that fat doesn't have to have a negative connotation. Perhaps since we are African American it doesn't carry as much of a stigma.

We always tell our cute little one year old how fat he is. Everyone loves seeing little rolls on babies, yet we want everyone else to be stick thin.

Keep up the good work!