Thursday, December 13, 2007

Same Old Thing

This fall I'm wearing many of the same clothes I did last year, including pants. Even jeans. Okay, to most people this wouldn't likely be a profound moment. To me it is, it's the first time in my life I remember staying exactly the same size a year later. I have always been in the process of gaining or losing weight before.

It's quite lovely to return to some favorites. Since I've always been one to get anything out of my sight that had gotten too tight and reward myself on any weight loss with new clothes so my wardrobe has always been in constant flux. Of course I have also been guilty of purchasing the "motivational" item of clothing while dieting that I was never quite able to wear (what are women thinking when they do that?).

A major benefit to this is how much money and time this frees up. I've spent zero dollars on clothes for me this fall. I went to my husband's Christmas party at work and had no need to comb the stores for something suitable for me to wear. I already had a new, beautiful, purple, velvet set I had gotten on major clearance for $15 from Coldwater Creek last spring (original price around $150). It fit like it did seven months ago. Wow, what a revelation. Is this how it is for most people?
I even had to throw out my lap swimming bathing suit because I wore it out. I'm not sure I ever recall throwing out an item because I had worn it out, my clothes were always able to be given away. I wonder what it would feel like to actually wear most things out. I hope I get a chance to find out.


vesta44 said...

It's nice to be able to stay the same size for a long time. I've worn the same size in clothes for the last 15 or so years, so by the time I'm ready for new clothes, my old ones are too ratty to give away (unless it's slacks that shrank in length after I washed them, those go to the thrift store). The only problem with that for me is that I stay the same size over a 50 pound range of weight (I'm 382 now and am wearing the same clothes as when I was 340).

Lisa said...

omg I just blogged about this same thing yesterday!!! staying the same weight and being happy about it is a HUGE step for me....and for you....thanks for blogging about it!!