Thursday, November 6, 2008

At least times have changed

I have to say when I clicked on the link to this article, Four Body Types: How to Dress, I was pleasantly surprised to see that both plus sized and boyish figures were included. I think we're the two types that much of the fashion industry simply still ignores. How they can continue to ignore over 50% of the female population and stay in business is still beyond me. At least many retail stores seem to finally be getting with the program, if still somewhat too slowly for my liking.

I remember shopping with my mother with I was young, she wore a size 12 or 14 back in the 70's and 80's, so more like a modern 10. She had a terrible time finding anything decent to wear. Most of her options included mu mus and hideous housecoats. I recall one time when she was in tears trying to find something nice to wear to a special occasion. Now in her seventies and about a 1x she hoards clothes to an almost alarming extent. I think it has much to do with growing up poor during the Great Depression but I also think her almost desperate experiences in dressing rooms thirty years ago still haunt her.

While I didn't agree with all of the assertions for plus sized shapes in the Four Body Types article I'm at least encouraged to see us acknowledged for a change.


Ashley said...

I have to say I'm annoyed by the lack of the hourglass figure. I'm an in-betweenie, but even when I was a frigging size 4 I was hourglass.

Cherie said...

I'm also a very hourglass figure, my waist is always size or two smaller than my hips. I think it's not in article since it's not considered a "problem" figure.