Monday, November 3, 2008

Partisan Homefront

Every four years at my house there is far less than normal peace to be had between my husband and I. When we first met almost 21 years ago our first conversation ever resulted in a heated political disagreement, little has changed in the years since. Thankfully politics are the only thing we generally disagree with each other on. Yet every four years it can be brutal. This time we have both an Obama and a McCain bumper sticker on our minivan.

This last weekend we found ourselves hanging out on my sister's sofa reading this Reader's Digest article together. While discussing it we actually found some common ground and understanding. Some of the ideas have real merit and some are rubbish, like number 8: Measure Results and Make Them Public.

The group sets standards of care for 14 conditions, and the onus is on doctors
to counsel, motivate, and even push their patients to get with the program. The
organization gathers outcome data and posts the percentage of patients at each
clinic who meet all the standards for a particular condition on

Since my husband is naturally slender he didn't immediately see the major flaw with this until I pointed it out. Doctors would shame, bully, etc. fat patients (or other "problem" patients) into complying or find a way to push them out of their practice to make their stats look better. We also jointly found some merit with some of the other ideas. It was so pleasant to find some bipartisan peace on something, especially with a subject that is one of our biggest hot topics.

I so look forward to the end of the election season tomorrow and restoration of usual harmony for a while. Well that and taking that blasted McCain sticker off my ride!


spacedcowgirl said...

I feel you on this (especially as to how this is your only area of major disagreement with your husband). We go with the no political signs or stickers strategy in my house, but often I can't keep from complaining about this or that related to politics, and I know I piss my husband off. But soon it will be over, I hope with a good outcome, and the tension will ratchet down a little.

Lisa said...

As a woman who was shamed and bullied FOR YEARS because of my size, I deeply appreciate this post and your blog!! :-)