Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been a good week indeed. Most of the people I voted for actually won; including president, congressional rep. (my boy, Jay Inslee with 69%!), governor, and superintendent of public instruction. The superintendent of public instruction is the only one my husband and I actually agreed on and we're really happy about that one, bub bye Terry Bergeson. DING, DONG the WASAL test is DEAD! What rubbish that was and cost a freaking ridiculous load of taxpayer money to administer.

I got to spend time with my brother for the first since he moved to Florida over a year ago. He's a good guy and it was great to spend some time with him. The pushy, cleanse lady from the rec. center was suspiciously absent the five days I went swimming. I'm even daring to hope she embarrassed herself and now feels too uncomfortable to face me. That would be really perfect justice in my opinion and hopefully would keep her from approaching a fat person less confident than myself.

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Tangerine said...

YAY! Jay Inslee is my favorite politician, and he's totally my homeboy from the Island.

I'm glad your gym lady left you alone, that would be really awkward to keep seeing her.