Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kiss my big, fat butt Hollywood!

I watched the movie Hairspray for the first time last week. It was refreshing, especially since I watched it with my 80 year old mother who has always focused on exteriors and losing weight, as well as having some disturbing prejudices (that she would deny). She was never content in her body and would forgo going to events like my father's company Christmas party for being "too fat", this at a size 14 in the 70s and 80s. If I lost weight is was never quite good enough,"You'll look really good if you just lose five or ten more," etc. She was also disturbed by the many non-Caucasian boys I dated before just by dumb "luck" marrying the whitiest man in America (British ancestry seems to afforded him almost no melatonin). I'm not sure how much the message took hold with my mother but at least it's something.

Then last night I was channel surfing and came upon the Queen Sized made for TV movie, also starring Nikki Blonsky. I only caught the last half of it but it also seemed mostly decently pro size acceptance. However what I found really disturbing (outside of the absurdly high concentration of diet and gym commercials) was at the end of the movie when the character of Maggie walks around her room, holding a trash can, throwing out about a dozen junk food stashes to indicate her new found "wellness". This sort of thing just makes me so flipping angry. Why is it assumed fat people must always have some sick relationship with food? UGGGHHHH! Don't we get enough of this crap the shows like the Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club? Do we really need this in a movie that is supposed to be about size acceptance aimed at teenage girls? UGH! UGGHH! UGGGHHH!

Big news flash skinny people of the world not all fat people binge eat on comfort food and if we do your stupid messages about it ARE NOT HELPFUL, or informative. Geez, I come from a family of mostly fat people and not a one of us binge eats or has secretive junk food stashes. We actually eat much more healthful than most skinny people I know.

Can't we just have our precious few fat movies in peace without the little message there still must be something wrong with us? Are we so threatening to skinny people? Hey, maybe we are! We make up more than half the population and if we stopped getting distracted by all these messages that try to keep us in shame, spending money on diets that don't work, equipment that ends up in a garage sale, or risking our lives in surgery that has no long term proof it works we could take over and squash them like little bugs!


Erin said...

Hairspray resonated with me because of my mother as well -- she consistently would skip events because she thought she was too fat, and I learned that behavior as well. Now, since I have discovered FA and HAES, I feel like I am on a neverending quest to help her overcome her own shame. I actually cried the first time I heard "Welcome to the Sixties".

Potterchik said...

Squash skinny people like little bugs...nice size acceptance there, lady.
I'm not big, but often read in the fatosphere because a) a lot of smart, funny women post here; and B) The pressure to conform doesn't stop with fat people! Women of all sizes are pressured to feel badly about themselves if they don't conform to a literally impossible standard.
It isn't fat againat thin. As you've said, fat is more than half the population. Do you image no fat folk were involved in the making of that movie?

Cherie said...

Hey Potterchik, it was a JOKE! Geez, of course I'm not going to actually squash my skinny husband and four children, chill.

Potterchik said...

Okay, maybe I am a little cranky in the morning. Hell, it's your blog. Write whatever you want. I do on mine.

Here's the thing: My best friend is a five-hundred pound man. Yesterday we were out walking, and some asshat has to shout a Fat Albert Hey-Hey-Hey out his car window. Every time we go out, something of this nature happens. My wish for the New year is for folks to stop dividing the world into fat and thin. Just more fodder for the haters.
Didn't mean to harsh on your day. Actually I read you regularly, because it's always entertaining.

Cherie said...

Potterchik, I would love nothing better than for fat, skinny, thin, etc. to become irrelevant terms. However, I'm not holding my breath about that happening in my lifetime. One thing I'm taking on as my personal goal is to claim and own up to the fat word. It's just a physical descriptive yet it seems to be much more highly charged and offensive than others. I'm almost to the point of getting amused when those around me are shocked by my use of the word in describing myself.

I'm sorry about your friend having to endure such perpetual abuse. Most of us fat people have to at least put up with at times, I've been mooed at by cars passing by on several occasions. It's hate and prejudice no different than if it was based on race, sexual orientation, or handicap.

I also agree with you that women of all sizes are pressured to conform to an impossible standard but out of personal experience the crap I face from other people and the media is very different at a size 24 than it was when I was a size 8.

Jill said...

And what am I to make of the subscription to "Health" (sic) magazine that my sister sent me as a holiday gift? I just went through the January issue, and it's articles about one diet after another, all of them claiming rapid weight loss for good. If any of this crap worked, why would there be a "need" (sic) for this magazine? I already stopped eating white flour products, white pasta, most sweets other than fruit or dark chocolate. I never eat fast food. I cook with olive oil. I eat whole grains. Oh yeah, sue me -- I have to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning to go to work and most nights I don't get home till 6 -- so sue me if I don't want to go to the gym before dawn.

I'm tired of fighting this losing battle and tired of people telling me I should still be fighting it. I'm tired of dreading going for a regular exam because I'm afraid of the "lose weight" lecture.

I just don't see why "Dieting doesn't work" hasn't sunk into the public consciousness yet when the evidence that it doesn't is so clear.

Cherie said...

Jill, I agree the Shape subscription was very bad taste and not helpful. Rather than have that piece of trash that makes you feel bad show up every month I think I would call and just cancel it. It also has the added benefit of decreasing their magazine's circulation as well as sending them the message you don't want their "information", even if it's going to waste money.