Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obesity Study, I'm Dying.

Gasp, shock, horror; a new, I'm sure badly flawed, non real study (complete with picture of the obligatory, headless fat woman in stripes) has concluded teh fatz is going to kill me, and soon. Of the 57 studies this "study" looked at I'm sure few, or most likely none, controlled for diet, exercise, or perhaps even smoking. Did they even control for dangerous diet drugs or gastric bypass surgery? Hey geniuses, maybe your "cures" for obesity actually contributed to the higher death rates. Even if they didn't there is no reliable, proven, safe way to get fat people thin for the long term.

I'm betting I could look at this same data in a different way and conclude that an increase in dieting behavior increases a premature death rate.

This is more crap science that just feeds the fat panic but doesn't actually offer anything useful. At least they came to the undeniable conclusion that being a little fat actually has the lowest risk. How much more evidence do they need to up the recommended BMI ranges?


wriggles said...

Even if this study is true, all it says is I could lose up to 3 years off my theoretical intended lifespan.

I spent nearly 6 times that amount of years trying and failing to lose weight and ended up fatter than when I started with an eating disorder to boot.

They can take their theoreticals and shove up their actuals.

Jamie said...

Wow. I just read the entire study (The Lancet is a pay site) and it seems that they failed to control for income. Hello!

Cherie said...

Wriggles I totally hear you on the amount of effort and time it would take to even try to lose enough weight to fit into the recommended BMI range. Last time I lost a significant amount of weight I was exercising about two and a half to three hours a day and was starving myself and still plateaued for over a year. It was totally unmaintainable and even if it wasn't who wants to live like that?

Jamie, good catch on the income level. I'm still thinking diet and activity level is the biggest indicator, not BMI. Looking at the actual study I have some major issues with their methodology. Looking at the deaths of only 7% of the participants overall and coming to the conclusion that fat alone can take 10 years off your life is flawed to me. Maybe the rest of the fat people (the majority) in the study will out live the thin people. Who knows unless they wait and see.

The Contrarian Reviewer said...

According to the BMI charts, George Clooney is obese.