Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fat Goggles

I've slowly come to the realization that my view of attractiveness has evolved over the last couple of years. Fat acceptance, both of my own and others, has also altered my base opinion of beauty. By cutting off and countering all the garbage we're constantly fed about what is attractive I've actually changed my instant, knee-jerk opinions. It seems Maddie at Mirrors in the House came to a similar revelation.

It really hit me this week when I happened to catch Kelly Clarkson on The Ellen Degeneres Show. My first thought was, "She's gained some weight, she looks HOT!"

It's too bad Ms. Clarkson has to deal with so much crap about her weight. Stay strong girl.


Scattered Marbles said...

She does look gorgeous, but then again she always has, her spirit and personality shines like crazy and she has such incredible talent. It amazes me the strength she has and I am glad you stood up and posted this I think it helps cut a bit of the crap out. Thanks for this :D

The Contrarian Reviewer said...

When I first glanced at the page, I thought, "Hey, Jennifer Aniston had a sandwich!"

Yeah, she looks good.

Potterchik said...

Yes! This. I noticed just recently that the women I have a mental "wow" about on the street now represent the spectrum of sizes.