Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honesty at the DOL

Yesterday I had my driver's license renewed after living for five years with what I swear has to be one of the worst driver's license pictures of all time, no kidding it was death row inmate quality. I think for the first time my license will not have a vanity weight. I actually stated as honestly as I could my weight given I'm not sure of it exactly. There it is laminated glory: death fat, available for every cashier who is so inclined to check. For once what is stated is what it is: not a goal weight, not what I was a my thinnest, not 15 or 25 shaved off, not what I last managed to diet and starve myself to. I was going to do it anyway but I admit it helped that my clerk was also death fat and didn't even blink an eye. It was liberating in a way and milestone in this whole fat acceptance. Like if I can't accept where I am how can I expect everyone else to?


Tangerine said...

The vanity weight thing has screwed everything up. My boyfriend's inbetweenie sister went and put her real weight on her application and the lady at the counter entered a totally different higher weight on the license (!!??). That is kind of weird and unprofessional, but she is probably sick of people understating their weight or something.

Rachel said...

I had to get a new license picture last year and I love it! If I could frame it, I would! Luckily I live in a state that doesn't even require you to list your weight on your license. Maybe they realized that since half the driving population probably lied about it, that it wasn't of much use.

No Celery Please said...

I don't really see how putting height and weight is necessary for the license. And eye color and hair color? Why? Is there not a PICTURE on the thing?

These are leftovers from when DLs were just pieces of paper... time to give these stats the old heave-ho.