Monday, August 10, 2009

Health Care Money Waste

The last paragraph of this article got me all hot and bothered. "Other areas of waste identified in the PricewaterhouseCoopers report included up to $493 billion related to risky behavior such as smoking, obesity and alcohol abuse." Hey, Mr. Kavilanz and PricewaterhouseCoopers maybe, just maybe, it's not that our behavior of being obese (I think I'm going to behave obesely today) is wasting money; it's the MASSIVE amount of money spent trying to cure obesity. Study after study has shown being fat alone is not the almighty evil risk it has been made out to be, far too much money (medical and otherwise) has spent in the pursuit of trying to make us thin. Especially when it has an over 95% failure rate. Aaargghhh my head is going to explode with the stupidity.


Fantine said...

Hey! I just had a brilliant idea! How about if the medical community starts treated us for the problems we actually come to see them about, instead of constantly harping on us about our body size? How about if they stop performing the same tests over and over again because they believe all fatties MUST have high cholesterol and/or diabetes even if the first test showed no signs of it? Think that would save some money?

And I am totally going to behave obesely for the rest of the day, just out of spite.

Cherie said...

Fantine, I totally agree. It would be a great improvement if the medical community didn't blame everything on my fatness. I didn't get pneumonia due to fatness. Don't thin people get this as well?