Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Passionate, Head Over Heals, I'm Going to Marry You, Igigi Love

It seems my life is going to be heading in a bit of a new direction and I foresee a need for more formal and dressy wear than my normal life has required. I discovered Igigi's sale and 'final cut' sections. Even there the prices were still a bit steeper than I generally pay but after so much glowing reviews of the company from fat fashion bloggers I decided to take the plunge and even order some things that weren't returnable. I loved everything in my first order so much quickly placed a second order, and another one since. In total it's been two gowns, five dresses, a jacket, two shirts, a skirt, and two long sweaters. I can honestly say I'm in passionate love with all them but one dress, and that one is okay enough for me not to regret it asking it out.

I think why I feel so moved by this experience is I think this is the first time as a plus size woman I've actually had clothes designed, from their conception, to flatter me and not just cover me up in an pleasant enough wrapper. Along with the much higher than quality these clothes actually make me feel good, sexy, and beautiful. With all the negative feelings that most of us accepting our fatness have had to confront having that reaction to clothing is a powerful thing. At moments it almost brought me to tears--in a good way, when does that normally happen with fat women?

After doing a bit more research on the company and watching many of their youtube videos Yuliya has a loyal fan and customer with me, even if it's from stalking the final cut section. My only hope is at some point she will include at bit more casual wear in the collection as well.

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Darcy Winters said...

Wow! Thanks for mentioning Igigi - I think I just found a new place to shop!

Love your blog btw!