Sunday, September 22, 2013

ASOS Curve Spot Print Dress

I vasiclated about this fun dress for a while until I saw a picture of my friend Stina in it from Fatshion Peepshow in it.  Of course she looks so much better in it than I do but I thought I would fan girl grasp at her magical coattails anyway.

It's the spot print dress available from ASOS Curve.  The dress is a light weight cotton knit.  I have on a US size 22.  Of course around the bust the circles become ovals (even my mister said, "I like the ovals on your dress.").  I'm 5'4" so, as always, things thankfully hit me much lower than they do the ASOS model.  I added a belt I got from Walmart last year and the red patent leather shoes are from Klogs.

This dress is also super fun for going under a black light at a club.  Of course mine was at the dance party at the Children's Museum rather than a real nightclub but I'm sure it works the same either way.

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