Saturday, September 21, 2013

Denim Jacket


I have an uneasy relationship with denim, especially blue denim.  Getting jeans that fit me has always been a frustrating experience that has only gotten more difficult with being a larger size.  Then there's skinny jeans.  Apparently I have skinny girl ankles and cannot find skinny jeans that fit both fat girl hips and skinny girl ankles. 


Then there's jean jackets.  They have always been uncomfortable, boxy things that made me resemble a very busty linebacker.  However, with the current trend of more fitted, cropped, stretch denim jackets I thought I would give them a shot.  Especially when I found this one on eBay for $15 shipped (it's a very gently used Venezia in 26/28).  It's really the most comfortable jean jacket I've ever tried on. 

About the same time I found the jacket on eBay I also found this dress.  I loved the retro style and the lime green bow.  The seller said it was black and green.  It is not.  It is navy.  I have an even more difficult relationship with navy than I do with blue denim.  Navy goes with almost nothing in my closet.  Its use as a neutral color in my wardrobe has always eluded me.  I like black.  Black really does go with everything.  Except navy.
I disliked the dress so much when I first got it I immediately listed in on the Facebook group Fattoo.  Then I tried it on again.  I decided to try to work with it.  (It was listed on Fattoo for about 30 minutes).   It's an Avenue dress in a size 28.

Normally I wouldn't have thought to pair the jacket and the dress together but when I saw them beside each other on my eBay list I thought they looked cute together, and were something out of my normal look.

Also, if you're admiring my Tree of Life necklace (and really, who wouldn't?) it's a custom made piece by talented friend Heather Harding, her website can be found here.
And that is how one has a better relationship with blue denim.

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