Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Torrid Pop Art Tank Dress

Here's the sister of my previous post, Torrid's Pop Art tank dress.  Like it's sibling, it runs a little large especially in top so I wore a black tank under it so all my goods and scaffolding was on full display.  It's a super stretchy fabric, much like swimsuit material.
I decided to keep the size 4 as I wanted a fuller, retro styled skirt.
Well, somebody is at least happy to be on my boob.

After a full day of wearing this too much top got to me and I finished off my evening by shortening the straps, taking off about three inches on each side, eliminating the need for the undertank for future wearings.



bill said...

If it works, do it. I'm trying to find some stretch-waist pants myself so I can replace those too tight slacks. Cheers.

Sara ThickMadame said...

beautiful dress