Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween: The Fat Girl's History


My household of six is moving during the week of Halloween so it has not gotten its due attention this year but my Elphaba costume from last year is my all-time favorite.  I was very inspired by the Elphaba character after seeing Wicked on stage.  I thought it was brillant to take this unlikable character from The Wizard of Oz (who most of us grew up fearing) and make her sympathic, the heroine.  Truthfully, how many of us had childhood nightmares of her and her flying monkeys?  To me it was very refreshing to take all of our preconceived notions and spin them 180 degrees.  I took it as far as to relate it to all the preconcieved ideas of thin beauty standards and fatness; being judged and labelled solely on the physical.

This costume took little in the way of a special purchases for me.  The top is from SWAK, the skirt is Venezia via Fattoo, and Doc Marten boots; all already in my closet. 

The hat was around $3 from Target.  The green glass bottle necklace was purchased off eBay for around $3.  The green make-up I got from Amazon as all the local stores were out of it.

The socks were also purchased off eBay for around $6.  They were designed to be thigh-highs but on me, with my 19" calves they came to just over my knee.

I've been so enmored with and identify so much with Elphaba that this has been my Facebook profile picture for most of the last year.  It has the added benefit of really cutting down on the unwanted attention and solicitations from strange men as well.

This was my second favorite costume, it's from a couple of years ago.  My mister and I are dressed as Beth and Dog Chapman, from the Dog the Bounty Hunter show.

I think what I liked most about this is I was several years into my fat acceptance/body positivity journey and I was finally comfortable being sassy, sexy, and FAT.

This was my Facebook profile picture for a long time.  It did seem to generate a lot of solicitations and offers from strange men.  A lot.  Apparently lots of love at first sight with this, wanting to make me their queen, etc.  I'm sure all of it completely genuine.  Too bad for them I'm already The Queen and have no use for their offers.  This picture still amuses me.

This is from a few years back, "When Pigs Fly".  Not one of my better ideas as neither one of us wanted to be covered in head to toe pig pink.

We're "White Trash".  This was probably one of my first Halloweens after fat acceptance.  Not sexy but we were comfortable and compared to most of the people at the party we were indeed the white trash of the group.

Family themed costumes from about then years ago.  This sounded like a better idea than it turned out to be.  Fluffy, furry costumes are great for taking children around Trick or Treating on a cold October evening, otherwise they are uncomfortable.  These were hot as hell for an indoor party so we all ended up taking them off and then we were disturblingly sweaty and matted.  Don't try this at home.

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Valerie Hardwick said...

I love all of your ideas, white trash had me cracking up!!! :)

Stina Scott said...

It's lovely to see another family into Halloween like my family. I totally can not get over the Pooh bear costumes! How the hell did you get your husband to do along with that?? HA! You are gorgeous and I love your creativity.


Nikki said...

You and your family are so precious!!

Nikki said...

You and your family are so cute!!!

Mary Demetra said...

So I think I may just need those green/black tights in my life for normal and everyday wear... !!!! LERV!

Jennifer Dyer said...

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