Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Torrid Allover Lace Surplice Dress and Re/Dress Teggings

I really like this Berry Allover Lace Surplice Dress from Torrid.  It's verstile and comfortable.  I wore this on a casual day, going out to lunch and taking kids to the aquarium, with teggings and comfortable shoes.  I can easily see this being dressed up for an evening out as well.

This dress is in a bright pink so it's not for the timid but trying to blend in has never been a concern for me.  It comes with the black skinny belt but I think it looks equally good with a chunky belt.  I'm wearing it in a 4 and I think it runs true to size.  At the time of this post only size 0 and 1 are still available but it is on clearance for $24.98.

The dress is fully lined in a stretchy, matching pink. 

It you have not tried Teggings you must.  Really.  It was one of those things I meant to get around to for a long time but I'm kicking myself for waiting so long.  They truly are like if tights and leggings had a baby.  So soft, stretchy, and comfortable.  What is especially good is for me is I have a relatively small waist compared to my hips, 19" calves but then smaller 7 1/2" ankles; and Teggings have been the ONLY product that has fit all of those dimensions perfectly without pinching or bagging anywhere.  Try them!

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