Friday, June 20, 2014

Inside The Fat Girl's Thrift Store Trip

Inspired by June's Ahead of the Curve thrifting theme I decided to pop into a local Goodwill for the first time since moving into a new area. 

I was pleased to see the plus sizes were separated from the straight sizes, not all Goodwills do this and it makes it so much easier to shop.  I found a decent selection of items to try on.






In the end I decided to pass on all of them as they really didn't fit my style and I have a general rule when I'm out shopping: I must like what I'm trying on as much or more than the outfit I came in for me to consider purchasing it.  Since I was wearing my new, $14.98 Calvin Klien bargain dress from my previous post nothing made the cut.

However, I didn't leave empty handed:
I got a great little, unused travel wallet/purse for my upcoming travels and a laptop sleeve for my daughter.  Extra bonus: it was 50% purses and luggage day so I got both of these for $4!
If you missed the bloggers from Ahead of the Curve posts on plus size thrifting you can look for those here.

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