Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Fat Girl Finds Three Dresses for $20 or Less

It seems like I never have both extra time and extra money.  This month's Ahead of the Curve theme is thrifting.  Let's face it, thrifting almost always takes time but it can be a significant savings.  I used to do a lot of thrift store shopping when I lived in California and in the Seattle area but in my current location the pickings are pretty slim, especially for plus sizes so I attacked the challenge in a different way.  I decided to do three dresses for $20 or less from three different sources.

This is a Vicky Tiel wrap dress I got from an eBay seller for $20 shipped.  EBay has been one of my favorite plus size bargain hunting spot for many years now.  I'm positive this dress is a HSN return so it was likely tried on for a few seconds before it came to me.

Like many thrifted items it wasn't perfect.  It had some weirdly funky, split flutter sleeves that were pretty awful.  I stitched the split together and and the result was so much better.

Like all my previous Vickey Tiel wrap dresses it's fully adjustable. I prefer those because I have a proportionally smaller waist and mock wraps always gap there on me.  Vicky Tiel dresses also have nice, higher end details like the soft ruffle that is made with the bias cut.
I went out to dinner at a posh, edgy restaurant in this and felt totally comfortable.
Unlike my long sleeve Vicky Tiel dresses this one wasn't lined so I did wear Spanx to smooth things over a bit.
This is a Calvin Klien dress I bought on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory.
As you can see the dress was marked down a couple of times before I found it for $14.98.  I'm sure it was tried on several times during its stay at a Burlington Coat Factory.

Following the trend of thrifted or bargain items often not being perfect this dress obviously had a belt attached to it at some point as it had instructions and torn belt loops.  Alas, it was long gone.

Not to worry. I paired it with a wide belt from my wardrobe.  I don't think I would have liked it with the skinny belt pictured anyway because that's where the two patterns meet.  I think it would have looked odd as it slipped up and down on the seam.

Overall it's a nice, quality knit fabric that allowed me to run around all day in comfort.
I got this Lane Bryant dress from a Facebook plus size clothing group, Fattoo, where I've bought and sold a lot of my clothing over the last two years.  I paid $18 for it shipped.

It was new, with tags, but like my other bargains it wasn't perfect.  It was damaged when the previous owner bought it.

It had tear in the seam under the arm a few inches long.  With about 15 minutes of effort I was able to repair the seam enough that it isn't really noticeable when it's being worn.

This dress still had its nice fabric belt attached.
It's a nice, quality dress that just took some time and effort to find and a little bit of work to make wearable.

I think it looks pretty great paired with my citrus green cropped cardigan from Old Navy.

Talk about bargains!  I got this bow headband from Kmart for $3. 
Don't stop with me!  Find out how the other lovely Ahead of the Curve Bloggers take on the thrifting theme.  Plus size bargain hunters! 
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Arielle Parr said...

You found amazing bargains! My favorite look is the b&w Lane Bryant dress with the green cardigan.

affinity said...

Great Job! It gives me hope I can learn some of this.

Nigel syin said...

Love the combo with the cardie, but also like the stripey dress.

Stina Scott said...

I have a Vicky T wrap dress and I LOVE it. Such a comfortable flattering dress. You look great.