Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Fat Girl Goes on a Budget

I'm a planner by nature and generally follow a budget and try to save money where I can, including clothing, but I've never been good about restricting my clothing purchases.  If I like something I frequently buy it in several colors.  It's really only the one major area of my life that feels slightly out of control.  Starting July 1st I've decided to challenge myself over the next year and try to spend only $1,200 on my personal clothing, accessories, and shoes.  I don't really know what I normally spend annually on clothing but I'm sure it's well over that.   This challenge feels very New Year's Resolutionish so starting it in July might be odd but following arbitrary rules isn't for me anyway.

I'm starting off with a larger than average wardrobe so I know I have an advantage, that's why I decided to go with $1,200 rather than $1,700+.  If things remained constant I could buy nothing over the next year and probably be fine but that's not the challenge; it's can I stick to a modest budget and keep up with the trends I want to, get what I need, and include things for the Ahead of the Curve blogging collective?

The only out I'm leaving myself is if my size changes two sizes or more I will likely have to up my budget to closer to $1,800 but if it does I'm planning to sell my former clothing to cover the $600 difference.

Once a month I'm planning to show what I spent and on what.  Everything, even if I fail or overspend.

I will likely also include more outfits of day selfies, or at least weekly or monthly highlights.  Can I still dress well on a budget?  Follow along with me and see how it goes!

To make this even more interesting my fellow Ahead of the Curve blogger Harper Valley has decided to take the challenge with me.  Somehow us doing it together makes it less daunting and more fun!


Yvonne Kirk said...

Damn lost my comment. If it went through I apologise for two!

I over spend chronically. I only just now discovered Modcloth and other us retailers.. As an aussie.. The postage keeps me very poor...

I will try to at least keep track of my spending and horrify myself.. Maybe that will stop me. I need to follow your lead.

Cherie said...

Oh my goodness! I love Modcloth too. I could quickly drop $1,200 just there alone. It must be even more difficult for you as their plus sizing can be a little all over the place, I often order two sizes from them to figure out which will fit best but with international postage that would be prohibitive.

Yvonne Kirk said...

Well I have my fingers crossed. I ordered a heap from tatayna and only one didn't fit. Phew. I am eagerly awaiting my orders.. Things go so slowly when waiting by the mail box

affinity said...

Fabulous post. Since I retired a couple of years ago I have been trying to be more reasonable about spending in general, and clothes is particular. Odd since it is just about the time I became a blogger.

I look forward to your quest, and hope that I can find ways to support you.