Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Spending Challenge

August was my second month of trying to stick to an annual $1,200 clothing budget.  For the second month I came just under $100 for the month.  I do find myself doing less internet window shopping so that helped to keep temptation at bay.  My biggest expense of the month was a fantastic sale at Modcloth plus $20 off my first in app purchase. 

Torrid gingham shirt purchased August's Ahead of the Curve post for $13.40 shipped via eBay.  It needed a good soak in Borax to get it smelling fresh but it's a cute shirt I'll wear again and again.  See my previous post to see it on me.

Peach sweater via eBay for $15 shipped.  I just have a weakness for this color, I always have.

Modcloth cardigan $17 on sale.  I'm not looking forward to the end of summer weather but at least I will have this to console me.

One of the three Modcloth dress I got for $53 total.

Second Modcloth dress.  I wore this in my previous outfit round up post if you want to see it on me.

Third of the three Modcloth dress for $53.

After two months I'm on track to spend $1,200 on clothing for the year and I got some pretty good bargains I love.

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affinity said...

Great job staying on track!