Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Fat Girl Checks In With Gingham

 This month's Ahead of the Curve blogging theme is Gingham and Polka Dots.  But really, it turned into Gingham vs. Polka Dots.  One peek into my clothing vault would tell you I'm normally all about the dots so I can't really put forth a case for gingham OVER polka dots.  However, I like to challenge myself in the monthly Ahead of the Curve posts so I went on the hunt to find something within my style and budget in gingham.

 My search ended on eBay with this Torrid black and white gingham shirt.  It has just enough of a retro vibe to make me happy, along with some essential stretch.  The cropped jeans are also from Torrid.   The shoes are Klogs wedges.

 The belt was bought secondhand through a Facebook selling group.  I wish I had the name of the brand, I would buy ten of them.

 The chiffon scarf came from a thrift store and the glasses are from Zenni Optical.

 The necklace is from Crypt of Curiosities.

 Gratuitous selfie.

 Even more gratuitous Diva Dog picture.
Don't stop with me! Find out where the other beautiful Ahead of the Curve bloggers side on the Gingham vs. Polka Dot challenge!
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Stina Scott said...

You look so sassy! I love this look.
Your necklace is super rad too.

Mary Demetra said...

This look is so adorable!!! I love it!!! And your hair is amazing too! I so need to figure out how to do my hair better.

Cherie said...

Thanks Mary! Caruso steam rollers are pretty amazing!

Valerie Hardwick said...

I really love this style of shirt and you rock it.. i love the hair too I need to work on mine as well.. :)

PlumpUpTheFrock said...

Smokin'! Team gingham has it going on!