Friday, October 3, 2014

The Fat Girls Blows the Budget

In July I started a challenge to stick to a $1,200 budget for one year, as I talked about in this post.  I'm fessing up that I totally went off the rails in September.  I got very inspired by two upcoming Ahead of the Curve themes and I really ended up doing a major wardrobe overhaul as a result.  If I wanted to stick to my original plan I would have essentially no money left to shop again until next summer and that just isn't realistic. Mentally it was good for me as I've been struggling with a few health issues and was feeling bit low.  As trite as it sounds some retail therapy did help get me excited about having fun with fashion again. After considering several options I've decided I'm going to just start again with a budget in January, but with a $1,800.  Plus sizes pay more on average for clothing so I'm going to allow for that. I welcome anyone who wants to join with me in January! Until then I expect I will be posting a lot of my new, fun clothes in outfit round ups.

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