Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Harvest of Color

It's time for Ahead of the Curve's collective blog post.  This month we're embracing the beautiful hues of autumn.  Traditionally these aren't colors I've worn, a long time ago someone told me fall colors weren't for me and I think I avoided them without even realizing it.  I decided the time has come to change that! Once again I fell in love and couldn't limit myself to just one outfit.  Please join me as I round up some of my favorite outfits this fall.

Modcloth dress, Jessica London cardigan, Klog shoes.

Jessica London jacket, Liz Claiborne sueded skirt, Isabella's Journey bag, Klog shoes.

Jessica London jacket, Lane Bryant sweater, Diane Gilman ponte knit pants, Klog shoes.
Perfect fall colors.  Bag and scarf via eBay.

Cato jacket, Laura Ashley sweater, ponte pants from Macy's, scarf from etsy, Klog shoes.

Jessica London sweater, Diane Gilman ponte pants, vintage bag, Klog shoes.

Scarf from The Pyramid Collection.

Modcloth dress, Torrid jacket, Betsey Johnson bag, Dansko shoes.

Vintage hat found at a little antique shop.

Modcloth dress, Jessica London cardigan, Klog shoes.

Really, this dress could not be more perfect for this month's theme!

Old Navy sweater, Diane Gilman ponte pants, Payless boots. 
Isabella's Journey bag.
My littlest man, he even took a few of these pictures.  He was more patient than his father!

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Stina Scott said...

So many cute pieces. My favorite is the mustard dress from Modcloth! CUTE!

Mary Demetra said...

Totally Loving the Yellow!!!! Swoon, I too had a great mustard card :)

Valerie Hardwick said...

I love your looks...you can totally rock fall colors...

Valerie Hardwick said...

I really love your dresses from mod cloth so cute fall colors are totally your color scheme 😄

Anoush Alexnder said...

All dresses are nice but why you called yourself fat? I know you are fat but look at you how much cute you are my friend please change the name of this blog and convert it into Cute Girl by all means.