Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The month's Ahead of the Curve theme is winter accessories. While winter is my least favorite season and I look forward to moving to a warmer climate at some point I decided this year I was going to treat myself to some coats and and knitwear to make the cold more bearable.

I love a hooded winter coat and I've made a point of having one most of my life. They make me feel like Big Red Riding Hood and I think it's a fun change from the sea of dark colors you usually see in the winter. 

Since I have a wool allergy it can sometimes be a challenge to find a nice red coat, especially in plus sizes. This one is from Style and Co., purchased from Macy's.

I love nice details in a coat, it really gives us all a more polished look.

Since I have a larger than average head and hands knit hat and gloves are my friends but with my wool allergy finding nice pieces can sometimes be another challenge. I love the details on this set I purchased from eBay.

Since I often spend a couple of hours at a time outside during the winter I thought is was time to finally get some texting gloves. I purchased these from Amazon. While they are not great for small, detailed movements they do work.

 I love this leopard print polar fleece coat from One Stop Plus. It has a slightly retro vibe but it's soft, stretchy, lightweight, warm, and comfortable. Polar fleece is one of my favorite winter fabrics but often the styles available in it usually don't fit my tastes. Thankfully, One Stop Plus usually has a wide selection of styles and colors in polar fleece to suit a variety of tastes and style.

This matching hat is also from One Stop Plus is generously sized. I have a big head and this hat could definitely fit larger than me. I think the style of the hat helps add to the retro vibe.

These polar fleece gloves from One Stop Plus are also generously sized, extend nicely past my wrists (snow getting in your gloves is no fun).

One of my frequent winter activities is shoveling the driveway and walkway, this will be my shoveling outfit. Polar fleece is flexible and unrestrictive and the hat can be easily be removed as needed.  Also, I think fleece gloves work better than knits for keeping my hands dry and warm.

I've tried a few different types of winter boots but my old Doc Martens are my favorites. Finding wide calf boots are difficult enough but trying to find sturdy, waterproof wide calf boots are close to impossible. Plus, our driveway is on a fairly steep incline and gets very slick, My Doc Martens are the only ones that I found I don't slip and slide in.  Wearing high socks like these seems to help keep the snow out as well.

This coat is my newest winter purchase, it's from Modcloth. 

Like my red coat, it really has some nice, finished details. Once again, these can be hard to find in a non-wool coat.

This hat was purchased as a set with a scarf from eBay. I love the vintage feel of it and I think it provides a welcome pop of color. Even though this wasn't marketed as a plus size piece it's very accomodating. 

Don't let your size stop you from wearing what you want, expressing your style, or get what you need to keep you safe and warm during the winter months. We all deserve care and comfort.

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