Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Review of (Mostly) Black Plus Size Leggings, Part Two

About a year ago I  did a review of plus sized black leggings, it has been my most popular post to date. You can find that review here: A Review of Mostly Black Plus Size Leggings. Since I have an entirely new crop of leggings this year I'm once again going to be displaying entirely too much of my backside. I will be reviewing ten leggings, ranking them from least to most favorite. There are two pictures of each legging, both from behind, one with my hand stretching out the inside to give you an idea of roominess and stretch. For comparison I'm 5'4", my waist is 39", my hips are 54", my inseam is 26", and my ankle is 9.25". I generally wear a 22/24 pant, depending on brand. In all the pictures I'm wearing a full coverage microfiber brief to give you an idea of sheerness and pantylines.

These are my only non black leggings so perhaps this isn't a fair comparison as I've heard good things about the plus size leggings from Walmart but I'm not fond of these denim looking blue ones at all. They are a skimpy, uncomfortable cut on me and I fabric feels cheap and lacks the amount of stretch I generally prefer in leggings. The whole point of leggings is to be comfortable after all. These are 76% cotton, 20% polyester, 4% spandex. I'm undecided on whether I will bother to try actual black ones from Walmart based on the glowing reviews I've heard but these alone have definitely turned me off. 

The material on these is more like a cross between a traditional legging and tights. They are best suited to go under a dress, skirt, or long tunic as the backside is fairly sheer. The are in one size for  1X-4X, 92% nylon and 8% spandex. If Teggings didn't exist these would probably rank higher on my list but in comparison to Teggings I find them lacking. The waistband is more binding, the crotch sags on me the way tights do, the material is less stretchy or smooth, and one pair I ordered came with a run them. To me, only thing they have going for them over Teggings is they are less sheer and therefore have slightly better coverage.

These are the first of four leggings I'm reviewing from One Stop Plus and really these and the Woman Within brand are essentially exactly the same legging. I'm ranking this below the Woman Within brand as this one only comes in a two pack with a capri and the capri is an odd length on me and flares out slightly on the bottom. However the backside waistband covers my ample backside slightly better than the Woman Within brand. These are a nice thickness with good coverage, 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I'm wearing the 1X. 

Like I said in the previous review, these are pretty much exactly the same legging as the ellos brand when I compared them side by side. However the Woman Within brand allows you to order them without being obligated to get a capri you may or may not want. They come in an array of colors while they ellos brand only comes in three. They also come in regular, petite, and tall lengths. These are a good, solid, basic legging. They are also 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I'm wearing a 1X, regular length. 

Compared side by side to both the ellos and Woman Within leggings the Roaman's appear to be exactly the same but when you feel them they are a slightly softer, higher quality cotton. I also have better coverage at the top of the back waistband, where my ample backside often pulls leggings down to create a gap. They are also 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Like the Woman Within brand the Roaman's brand comes in a variety of colors and threes lengths. I'm wearing a 1X in regular length.

5. CSC Studio from HSN

These are super soft, stretchy, non-binding, and forgiving. They are soft but they are a bit thinner than the other cotton based leggings in the review so they may not be best suited for trying to wear leggings as pants. They are 92% cotton and 8% spandex. I'm wearing a 2X and my guess is I could probably even wear a 1X. Sadly HSN is no longer carrying CSC Studios from Carolyn Strauss. Looking at CSC Studios' Facebook page it looks like they may be launching a website for direct sales, you can check them out here.

Of the four leggings from One Stop Plus these are my favorites. They are also 95% cotton and 5% spandex but the quality of the cotton is the highest and softest with these compared to the other three. I also prefer the flat waistband on these compared to the gathered waistband on the other three, it speaks to a higher quality attention to detail to me. The inseam on these are longer than the other three and they do only come in the one length so that might be a disadvantage if you are petite. They also come in a variety of colors. I'm wearing them in a 1X.

Of the cotton based leggings I'm reviewing these are my favorites. They are thickest, highest quality, and softest cotton of the bunch. They also have my preferred flat waistband. If you are so inclined these are probably the best ones if you want to wear leggings as pants. They are a much closer fit on me but I also sized down in them. If you want a more relaxed fit stick with your regular size, they don't run as large as my other leggings from Torrid. These are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I'm wearing them in a size 2.

Once again Teggings are at the top of my list. While my old ones are still in good shape I did order new ones to make sure I'm reviewing a current product. Like the SWAK leggings Teggings come in one size, up to 4X. This year's version feel pretty much exactly the same as my old ones, I think they might be slightly less stretchy than my other ones but that might also be from them not being as relaxed from washing and wearing them. As the name suggests they are definitely a cross between tights and leggings. As you can see they are pretty sheer across the backside and really are best suited under dresses and skirts, unless you are the more daring among us. To me the fit is much better than SWAK's. They do not bind or sag, they are smooth and soft. They fit me above my ankle, if you are taller than 5'4" or want them to hit lower you may want to consider buying them in the extra long length, in fact I'm regretting not buying some in the longer length as well. They are 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Teggings come in a variety of colors too.

Of course the most expensive ones turn out to be favorite. Sorry, I wish I like the Walmart ones better too! These are a rayon jersey knit and they feel like butter. They are the culmination of all good things I look for in leggings: light, stretchy, non binding, good coverage. I could wear these 24/7 and be a comfy, happy camper. I haven't washed these yet but my guess is with the rayon/spandex mix there will be less color fade than the cotton leggings as well, a concern for me as I often wear black leggings with black tops and it bugs me when the blacks don't match. I'm wearing them in a 2X and it's a roomy fit. 

If you have any comments or recommendations about plus size leggings please let me know below!


Debrna said...

My absolute favorite leggings are from Spanx! Their Tight-End leggings and tights are pricey, but they serve as a double duty garment. They have 2 styles, ones that goto the natural waist, and my favorite, the ones that go to under the bra and.cover the ripples around the midriff area. They are dense enough to cover the ever so attractive "hail damage" areas and control that "jiggle butt". They keep their shape even if they accidentally get a ride in the dryer. They are worth every penny! I am already stocking up on them for next year, as many stores are putting them on sale this time of year.

Marek Swift said...

weirdly enough Forever21's basic leggings in a size 3x fit my 300+lb big bottom/belly bod perfectly and I love 'em - especially since they're $5.80 a pair :-) You do have to order them online, however (big surprise), but when they have free shipping I just stock up. They also come in some cool colors.

lotusblossoms said...

Thank you so much for posting a blog like this! Especially since I have such a curvy figure, it's hard to find leggings that fit. :(

mrpaul said...

such an extremely helpful blog post !

i am a trans person (male body) who is just trying to learn about leggings for the first time and figure out what might fit