Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Decked Out in Velvet

For me one of the few things I do like about winter is being able to bust out my velvets. It has always been one of my favorite fabrics. I had a red velvet dress when I was little and I remember thinking it was the prettiest thing I had ever worn. My mom loved velvet as well, she decorated and wore it a lot and I always thought it looked so plush and inviting. When velvet was suggested as topic for Ahead of the Curve  I was all in, I didn't really need to look for anything special for it because it's always in my closet but I did buy a few new pieces this season.

This velvet cloak is from Artemisia Designs and I truly adore. I've worn it a lot this season, it's perfect to head out to dinner or the theatre in. I've worn it over jeans and a bunch of different dresses. You can purchase it directly here but I will admit I did pay less for it through one of their eBay auctions. I'm wearing it in a 2X, I'm about a size 22, and it's generously sized.  They have really good measurements of it on the website. It's fairly lightweight for a velvet so it's not for harsh winter conditions but is perfect for generally chilly days.

This fun stretch velvet and lace dress is from Forever 21. I'm wearing it in a size 3X. Be prepared, the dress is unlined so unless you're brave expect to year a cami with it.

This black velvet dress is from eShakti. I love the cut on it. I'm wearing it in a rack size 22. The neckline is too low for me on it so I put a cami on under it. I will say the sleeve cuff is a little tight, while the fabric is stretchy the cuff does not, so if you order it in a custom size I would add that measurement in your comments.

Like so many eShakti garments this dress has some higher end touches and details like covered buttons and pockets. 

Since January is Thyroid Disease Awareness month I needed to included my symbolic butterfly. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis so the cause is near and dear to me. Wearing the butterfly helps to remind me to take care of myself, and that health is a beautiful and somewhat fragile thing.

I love this dress from Modcloth, I think the color is just lovely. I wanted to show a garment where the velvet is a bit more subtle. This pattern is a flocked velvet and it just adds so much dimension. The cropped cardigan is from Old Navy. I'm wearing the dress in a 3X and it's a little large on me, the cardigan is in an XXL.

This is such cute headband from Modcloth.

These are some of my favorite shoes, my Doc Marten velvet Mary Janes. 

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Stina Scott said...

I'm in love with the velvet cape and the eShakti dress. Simply lovely, like always.

Arielle Parr said...

I really like all the looks! My favorite is the cape!

Valerie Hardwick said...

I love the looks..the cape is classic...

affinity said...

My fav is the turquoise. I would probably not have purchased this, but I love it. Lovely choices Cherie!