Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is Coming!

This month's Ahead of the Curve theme is the soft colors of spring. While last week we were still in the icy grip of winter this week it does indeed seem like spring is coming. I, for one, cannot wait. I love when the air warms, the trees and grass once again turn green, and we start to see the hint of the flowers beginning to bloom. I have packed away my sparkly, red sweaters and velvets to greet me again next December. I'm embracing and welcoming the new season.

I mentioned keeping my eye on this dress during a blog post last month. Sure enough I was soon sent a promo offer from Torrid so this dress was a the top of my want list. It is stretchy and quite comfortable. I decided I liked a thicker belt with it rather than the skinny belt that came with it. During the summer I will probably keep it lighter and wear it without a belt. I've already decided this is going to be my Easter Sunday dress. I ordered this dress in both a size 2 and a size 3, I'm wearing the size 3.

I actually had a difficult time matching a necklace with this dress, I wanted something more delicate with the lace and once again settled on this piece from Sandie at Zaftig Delights.

This fun, very springy headband was purchased via eBay.

I'm totally wearing this Torrid lace swim suit cover up as a tunic, I think it totally works as a multifunctional piece. I'm wearing it in a size 3. The tank is from Old Navy in an XXL Tall, I've learned to order the talls in Old Navy's straight sizes to get my preferred, low hip fit. My white capri leggings are from Lysse' and are out of my normal comfort zone but I'm looking forward to wearing these throughout this spring and summer.

I find changing my handbag with the season really helps me to refresh my wardrobe for a new season as well. This soft green brings thoughts of spring.

Updating my other accessories with a new season also helps to keep things fresh. This spring/summer feeling necklace was purchased very inexpensively via eBay. It's a trendy necklace and might be outdated next year but with such a little investment it's not really a concern if it only gets worn for a few months.

Check out my fellow Ahead of the Curve bloggers as they look forward to spring.

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