Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Breath of Retro Inspiration

This month's Ahead of the Curve's theme is "A Borrowed Decade". I'm going to be borrowing fashion from a few decades. My first thought with this theme was to just do one of my many 1940s or 1950s inspired dress. However, I really wanted to take a look a the enduring, classic wrap dress of the 1970s. Then I discovered a wrap dress that seemed to be inspired by both. Perfect!

There is some debate as to the precise origins of the wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg is often given credit for the jersey sensation of the 1970s, while Vicky Tiel says her designs appeared in films years before. Regardless, the wrap dress has been an enduring style for a least four decades and it is no surprise to me. 

This is a true wrap dress from Vicky Tiel via HSN in a size 2X. I prefer a true wrap dress rather than a faux or mock wrap as I have a smaller waist and mock wraps always gap and bag there on me. I also like the ability to adjust the tie higher or lower for a different effect, as well as the ability to adjust for fluctuations in body size.

This has the traditional stretchy, jersey knit of a true 1970s wrap dress. 

However, this dress also has nods to a more 1940s styling with a wide, ruffle collar; shorter sleeves; and a fuller skirt.

This print is copied from a vintage piece of 1930s material, adding to that retro feel.

I think my green pearls add a fun, fresh, spring time addition to the dress.

I think these heels from Krave by Klogs add a finishing vintage touch to my outfit. While I normally avoid all heels these I'm able to manage as they have a very cushioned footbed and a very sturdy heel. I just love the rosette detail. 

Vicky Tiel will often comment that she has they best cut of all the wrap dresses and I have to agree with her. They are made from French patterns, they are bias cut and have a lovely, graceful ruffle effect on the edge of the skirt. Also, and likely most important, she adds an extra yard of fabric to eliminate any concerns of accidental over exposure. It may be hard to tell from the picture but I'm holding up the top layer of the skirt and as you can see the under layer goes all the way across to my other side. Vicky Tiel really does a wrap dress right!

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