Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One Outfit Takes Me Everywhere

This month's Ahead of the Curve theme is Day to Night. How do we take an outfit or an item that works for us during the day and take it out for a night on the town? 

Not only does using items that work during both they day and the evening help us save money and get more bang for our clothing purchase it helps save space as well. I'm currently on a quest to seriously downsize closet and decrease my spending so items that have multiple uses are really appealing to me. Since I don't work in an office setting my more typical day to night requirements are when I'm traveling and needing to save space, demanding multiple uses for the pieces I take with me.

This day outfit can take me traveling, sight-seeing, or shopping. I can also mix and change up all these pieces with other things to create different looks. I have on a simple white tee from Old Navy, a soft and stretchy jersey skirt, a thrifted cardigan, and my trusty Klogs. I paired them with a fun butterfly necklace.

This is my new Betsey Johnson doctor's bag that will definitely see me through many travel days. I love the whimsical but still very functional Betsey Johnson bags.

For the evening I took off the cardigan, tucked in my white tee, and hiked up my skirt for a more high waisted look. I added black wedges, and a beautiful velvet scarf pinned by a vintage brooch. I love traveling with a beautiful scarf as there is so much you can do with it and it takes up almost no space in a carry-on. This look will easily take me out for dinner or drinks, or even a night at the theatre. 

I'm using my Betsey Johnson wallet on a string (strap removed) as my evening clutch. It has a handy front pouch to add my lipstick, mints, and a cell phone. Being able to carry a smaller bag helps to carry the outfit into the night.

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Valerie Hardwick said...

I love your accessories and looks!!!!