Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sisters of the Moon

This month's Ahead of the Curve theme is Style Icon. For almost as long I can remember I've loved and admired Stevie Nick's style. Not many people can summon up an entire style and feeling with the mere mention of their name the way Stevie Nicks does. Through the years she has remained to true herself and has timeless grace and beauty. Other looks and styles ebb and flow in and out of my wardrobe but there has always been a place for my Stevie Nicks inspired clothing. After embracing a more retro and classic style the last couple of years I feel like it may be time to go back to my first love once again: a little bit gypsy, a little bit gothic, a little bit rock n' roll. I'm not trying to copy her style exactly but I let it inspire this month's post. 

This outfit is something I would wear to a Fleetwood Mac  concert, out for the evening, or even out shopping (though I would probably forgo the velvet scarf during the day).  This lovely ballerina tunic is from Linea by Louis Dell'Olio via QVC. While the gray is sold out there are a few sizes left in the fuchsia at the time of publishing. I also own the fuchsia and it's a beautiful, rich color. The slouchy boots are a nod to Stevie's famous slouchy platform boots, they are from Payless (gray isn't currently available but black is in stock in both regular and extended calf). The ponte knit leggings are from Torrid.

My burned out velvet fringe scarf was purchased from eBay.

Stevie Nicks is almost always seen wearing s moon necklace. I even call this one my "Stevie Nicks necklace". I purchased it from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and wore it to a Fleetwood Mac concert this year.

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mrpaul said...

you look so lovely in those stevie-inspired clothes

btw...my son is a huge stevie nicks fan so i was constantly viewing stevie's photos all over his bedroom wall during the teenage years

Cherie said...

Thank you mrpaul!