Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Vacation!

This month's Ahead of the Curve topic is summer wear, getting ready for summer. I thought it would be fun to do something a little different, I'm showing what I'm taking on a two week trip. All the essentials in carry ons!

Here's what I'm taking with me: six bottoms, six tops, two dresses (one is used mainly as a swim suit cover up), two cardigans, two pairs of shoes, six socks, six pairs of underwear, two bras, two glasses, three headbands, a pair of Jockey slip shorts, a bathing suit, one sun hat, and one scarf.  As you can see I followed a red, black, and polka dot theme so things can mix and match.

Here is the bottom layer of my rolling carry on. Things are rolled between the bars and strapped down. 

I added my hanging toiletries kit that also contains my jewelry and make up.

On the top layer I added the rest of my clothes in a red packing cube, along with my Crocs and glasses.
 but hopefully it will be of interest: 

If you're interested in hearing more about what I packed, what I'm packing for, and how I did it I made my first Youtube Vlog to go along with my post: 

Fair warning the video is long, I called my Crocs clogs, and I say "you know" A LOT but hopefully you will find it helpful.

In my personal carry on I pack only what I need handy for the long day of flying and lay overs. Here is a glimpse into what I put into my personal carry on: neck pillow, large snack bag (I can't eat gluten, or many processed foods so I need to carry my food most places), tube of hand lotion, alcohol wipes, ear plugs, sleeping mask, wipe container, and my small purse. I will add my travel documents, phone chargers, medicine, and supplements. Once I get past security in the airport I always but a coconut or vitamin water.

Here it all is inside my personal bag.

And here is where I admit I am also checking a bag and why:

I think I may have said "you know" a few less times but I angled the camera incorrectly.  Oh well, lesson learned for next time!

Since I lost my luggage once I now only check non-essentials. Here is what I'm checking: my hiking pole, hiking boots, thicker long socks for hiking, an extra pair of shoes, a spare swim suit, a hipster bag, and three bottoms and three tops for sleeping/loungewear. 

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Ahead of the Curve is a plus size blogging collective that comes together once a month to post on a fashion theme. Please follow me to Ahead of the Curve for more plus sized fashion! Stay in the know with Ahead of the Curve by liking us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as Ahead_of_the_Curve_Bloggers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Breath of Retro Inspiration

This month's Ahead of the Curve's theme is "A Borrowed Decade". I'm going to be borrowing fashion from a few decades. My first thought with this theme was to just do one of my many 1940s or 1950s inspired dress. However, I really wanted to take a look a the enduring, classic wrap dress of the 1970s. Then I discovered a wrap dress that seemed to be inspired by both. Perfect!

There is some debate as to the precise origins of the wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg is often given credit for the jersey sensation of the 1970s, while Vicky Tiel says her designs appeared in films years before. Regardless, the wrap dress has been an enduring style for a least four decades and it is no surprise to me. 

This is a true wrap dress from Vicky Tiel via HSN in a size 2X. I prefer a true wrap dress rather than a faux or mock wrap as I have a smaller waist and mock wraps always gap and bag there on me. I also like the ability to adjust the tie higher or lower for a different effect, as well as the ability to adjust for fluctuations in body size.

This has the traditional stretchy, jersey knit of a true 1970s wrap dress. 

However, this dress also has nods to a more 1940s styling with a wide, ruffle collar; shorter sleeves; and a fuller skirt.

This print is copied from a vintage piece of 1930s material, adding to that retro feel.

I think my green pearls add a fun, fresh, spring time addition to the dress.

I think these heels from Krave by Klogs add a finishing vintage touch to my outfit. While I normally avoid all heels these I'm able to manage as they have a very cushioned footbed and a very sturdy heel. I just love the rosette detail. 

Vicky Tiel will often comment that she has they best cut of all the wrap dresses and I have to agree with her. They are made from French patterns, they are bias cut and have a lovely, graceful ruffle effect on the edge of the skirt. Also, and likely most important, she adds an extra yard of fabric to eliminate any concerns of accidental over exposure. It may be hard to tell from the picture but I'm holding up the top layer of the skirt and as you can see the under layer goes all the way across to my other side. Vicky Tiel really does a wrap dress right!

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Ahead of the Curve is a plus size blogging collective that comes together once a month to post on a fashion theme. Please follow me to Ahead of the Curve for more plus sized fashion! Stay in the know with Ahead of the Curve by liking us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as Ahead_of_the_Curve_Bloggers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is Coming!

This month's Ahead of the Curve theme is the soft colors of spring. While last week we were still in the icy grip of winter this week it does indeed seem like spring is coming. I, for one, cannot wait. I love when the air warms, the trees and grass once again turn green, and we start to see the hint of the flowers beginning to bloom. I have packed away my sparkly, red sweaters and velvets to greet me again next December. I'm embracing and welcoming the new season.

I mentioned keeping my eye on this dress during a blog post last month. Sure enough I was soon sent a promo offer from Torrid so this dress was a the top of my want list. It is stretchy and quite comfortable. I decided I liked a thicker belt with it rather than the skinny belt that came with it. During the summer I will probably keep it lighter and wear it without a belt. I've already decided this is going to be my Easter Sunday dress. I ordered this dress in both a size 2 and a size 3, I'm wearing the size 3.

I actually had a difficult time matching a necklace with this dress, I wanted something more delicate with the lace and once again settled on this piece from Sandie at Zaftig Delights.

This fun, very springy headband was purchased via eBay.

I'm totally wearing this Torrid lace swim suit cover up as a tunic, I think it totally works as a multifunctional piece. I'm wearing it in a size 3. The tank is from Old Navy in an XXL Tall, I've learned to order the talls in Old Navy's straight sizes to get my preferred, low hip fit. My white capri leggings are from Lysse' and are out of my normal comfort zone but I'm looking forward to wearing these throughout this spring and summer.

I find changing my handbag with the season really helps me to refresh my wardrobe for a new season as well. This soft green brings thoughts of spring.

Updating my other accessories with a new season also helps to keep things fresh. This spring/summer feeling necklace was purchased very inexpensively via eBay. It's a trendy necklace and might be outdated next year but with such a little investment it's not really a concern if it only gets worn for a few months.

Check out my fellow Ahead of the Curve bloggers as they look forward to spring.

Ahead of the Curve is a plus size blogging collective that comes together once a month to post on a fashion theme. Please follow me to Ahead of the Curve for more plus sized fashion! Stay in the know with Ahead of the Curve by liking us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as Ahead_of_the_Curve_Bloggers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love! Lace! Live!

This month's Ahead of the Curve theme is Love and Lace. As a group of plus size bloggers we're all about body positivity and loving yourself just as you are. This was a radical idea to me when I first learned about the fat acceptance movement eight years ago. Like so many people I had struggled and fought with myself, the scale, and my size for most of my life. Unlike the parade of diets I had been on in the past, size acceptance permanently change my life for the better. Even now, with me dealing with some health issues, (due to genetics, both fat and thin family members have it) I'm taking care of myself better to maintain health, not a number. 

It is a choice to go through life being a positive, accepting, encouraging person or a negative, critical, mean person. I choose the former, please join me, let's make the world a better place together.

Let's talk about lace. I have A LOT of lace in my wardrobe. I love it so when it came time for this post it wasn't about finding something for the theme, it was a matter of narrowing it down. I decided to focus on my most recent lace purchases, which just so happen to all come from Torrid. In fact I seem to get a lot of my lace pieces from Torrid as they always seem to have new pieces every season.

This lace peplum top is from Torrid. I'm wearing it in a size 3 and it's a little roomy on me. It's nice, soft and stretchy. The pants are the Noir Collection Millennial Pixie pant from Torrid, they are larger in the ankle on me compared to the model but still a very nice dressier pant. I'm wearing them in a size 3. The red shoes are by Klogs.

I bought this fun lace collar necklace from eBay. If you're willing to wait on a shipment from China there are a lot of fun necklaces of this type to be found there for only a couple of dollars. Often things coming from China are not sized with the average American in mind, much less for plus sizes but I will say this collar does fit me on the last link on the chain, if you have larger neck you may need to add a small extender. 

The knit rosette headband was also purchased from eBay. I loved it so much I bought it in black and mustard yellow as well. I've been wearing all three a lot this season (and they're good for concealing when my roots are starting to come in and haven't been able to get to the stylist yet). 

All of us deserve love and care no matter what our size or shape, whether we have a romantic partner or not. Love yourself, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself.

This great lace, empire waist top is from Torrid. It's currently sold out in red but is currently available in blue and black. I'm wearing it in a size 3. I love it and it's really comfortable, I just wish it was slightly less low cut on me, I may need to add a couple of stitches at the bust so I don't have to keep checking my exposure. My pants are the Slim Fix Pixie Jean from Torrid, I'm wearing a size 3, regular length, cuffed. The jeans are also offered in short and tall lengths. The shoes are by Klogs.

This necklace is a favorite and  one of a kind from my sweet friend Sandie Russo but you can other beautiful pieces in her Etsy shop Zaftig Delights.  She also has a shop where she does beautiful, handmade knitwear: Knitzy Blonde

Even my glasses have a fun lace detail on the sides, they were purchased from Zenni Optical.

To me part of size acceptance and body positivity is to stop making excuses to celebrate and live your life. No more waiting to loose 20 pounds before we go to the beach, No more keeping your size from going out and enjoying yourself. This is you, in your beautiful body, got out and enjoy: take it for a walk on the beach, out to dinner, to the movies. Embrace it. Live it. Love it.

This lace dress skater dress is from Torrid. It comes with a belt that I choose to leave off as I like the softness without it.  Most of the sizes are currently sold out but there is a similar style in white with slightly longer sleeves, which would be great as these were just short enough to ride up a bit on me. I'll be keeping my eye out for that white one, it would be so lovely for spring and summer. My headband and necklace where both purchased via eBay. My shoes are by Klogs.

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Ahead of the Curve is a plus size blogging collective that comes together once a month to post on a fashion theme. Please follow me to Ahead of the Curve for more plus sized fashion! Stay in the know with Ahead of the Curve by liking us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as Ahead_of_the_Curve_Bloggers.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Over the Moon

I'm going out to the movies again. It's Oscar season and I try to see everything possible before the ceremony. I'm finally wearing this lovely dress "moon" brand dress from Modcloth I got a few months ago. This is the fourth dress I have owned by this label, all pretty much the same cut. I really like them: they're comfortable, pretty, and generally are very easy to wear. So many of my dresses I'm having to constantly adjust or check my cleavage coverage and these dresses allow be to relax and not worry about it. I'm going to keep my eye out for more from this brand.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Night at the Theatre

It has been a Modcloth week for me I guess. I got this little beauty during their Black Friday sale and just got around to wearing it for a theatre outing. The cardigan is from Torrid.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dinner and a Movie

I'm sharing my going out to dinner and two Oscar nominated movies (Whiplash and Inherent Vice) outfit. Modcloth dress, vintage cardigan and pearls, One Stop Plus tight, Klog shoes.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Modcloth Dress

I'm just sharing a quick outfit of the day photo with a new Modcloth frock. I love that it's a knit, it makes it so much more comfortable. I'm wearing it in a 2X. The cropped cardigan is a Jessica London from One Stop Plus.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Decked Out in Velvet

For me one of the few things I do like about winter is being able to bust out my velvets. It has always been one of my favorite fabrics. I had a red velvet dress when I was little and I remember thinking it was the prettiest thing I had ever worn. My mom loved velvet as well, she decorated and wore it a lot and I always thought it looked so plush and inviting. When velvet was suggested as topic for Ahead of the Curve  I was all in, I didn't really need to look for anything special for it because it's always in my closet but I did buy a few new pieces this season.

This velvet cloak is from Artemisia Designs and I truly adore. I've worn it a lot this season, it's perfect to head out to dinner or the theatre in. I've worn it over jeans and a bunch of different dresses. You can purchase it directly here but I will admit I did pay less for it through one of their eBay auctions. I'm wearing it in a 2X, I'm about a size 22, and it's generously sized.  They have really good measurements of it on the website. It's fairly lightweight for a velvet so it's not for harsh winter conditions but is perfect for generally chilly days.

This fun stretch velvet and lace dress is from Forever 21. I'm wearing it in a size 3X. Be prepared, the dress is unlined so unless you're brave expect to year a cami with it.

This black velvet dress is from eShakti. I love the cut on it. I'm wearing it in a rack size 22. The neckline is too low for me on it so I put a cami on under it. I will say the sleeve cuff is a little tight, while the fabric is stretchy the cuff does not, so if you order it in a custom size I would add that measurement in your comments.

Like so many eShakti garments this dress has some higher end touches and details like covered buttons and pockets. 

Since January is Thyroid Disease Awareness month I needed to included my symbolic butterfly. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis so the cause is near and dear to me. Wearing the butterfly helps to remind me to take care of myself, and that health is a beautiful and somewhat fragile thing.

I love this dress from Modcloth, I think the color is just lovely. I wanted to show a garment where the velvet is a bit more subtle. This pattern is a flocked velvet and it just adds so much dimension. The cropped cardigan is from Old Navy. I'm wearing the dress in a 3X and it's a little large on me, the cardigan is in an XXL.

This is such cute headband from Modcloth.

These are some of my favorite shoes, my Doc Marten velvet Mary Janes. 

Please don't stop with me!  Follow me to Ahead of the Curve for to see how my fellow plus sized bloggers celebrate luxury fabric in this month's theme; Lush, Plus, and Luxurious.

Ahead of the Curve is a plus size blogging collective that comes together once a month to post on a fashion theme. Please follow us to Ahead of the Curve for more plus sized fashion! Stay in the know with Ahead of the Curve by liking us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as Ahead_of_the_Curve_Bloggers.