Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hollywood making sure to keep fat jokes alive for the next generation

So I'm still working on my fat acceptance and making decent progress. A couple of months ago I decided life is way too short for uncomfortable pants after enduring a few hours of a pair of jeans digging into my waist. I now have several new pairs, most of them some great knit pants from Junonia.

Today we had a lovely family outing into Seattle and where do I get accosted with fat prejudice again but while watching Fly Me to the Moon. It's an animated 3D movie that is suppose to be a happy story about cute flies going to the moon. Fat jokes were a recurring theme throughout the film but at the worst point it almost had the fat, dumb fly die due to getting stuck where the thin, brave one had just made it easily through. If I had researched it before we went I would have realized this but sadly I didn't. Thankfully we didn't dish any money out for this; tickets were included with our Pacific Science Center membership. I only regret my four kids were exposed to it.