Wednesday, October 29, 2008


After doing laps for 75 minutes in the pool today I was in the locker room getting dressed. A woman tries to hand be a business card while saying, "I don't want you to be offended but I want to let you know about this." She starts to mumble something about losing weight. I said, "Oh, no thank you." She persists, shaking the card. Me again, "No thank you." She goes on. Me, "No thank you. I'm part of the size acceptance movement, I have a fat acceptance blog." She tells me, "It's easy, it's a cleanse, the weight just comes off, you don't have to do anything." (Yeah, right). Again, "No thank you, it's not for me." She goes on, I gather my stuff and head out the door, saying, "Have a nice day." She is still talking as I head out the door, saying something about I'll change my mind when I start to have health problems.

What the heck? Do these people feel led to equally accost underweight people in public. After all they are at similar morbidity risk. I realize they think they have my best interest at heart and they think that justifies such rudeness but I feel like telling them it doesn't. However, I also feel like I need to continue to be polite since I don't want to give them further fuel for their misguided views of fat people. I'm not sure that worked either, I'm sure she just thinks I'm in denial and too lazy to deal with it. However, I don't really care what she thinks either. If she persists again I don't think I'll be as nice. I'm also thinking I'm using one of dressing room curtains from now on.