Monday, April 27, 2009

School Weigh-Ins

Sometimes as a long time homeschooling parent I'm clueless as to what happens at school. My friend was telling me how her fourth grade son had been weighed at school and had felt bad about himself since he was the second heaviest boy in his class at 100 lbs. The school had weighed everyone in the school, in front of everyone in their classes. At the time her son was doing the typical kid out and then up thing and has since grown a couple of inches and lost eight pounds so he's now at least personally feeling better about himself. It sounds like his parents handled the damage control about as well as can be expected. This whole thing makes me livid, I have no doubt whatsoever this asinine act on the part of the school has created no less than two cases of eating disorders per classroom. What an absolutely grossly irresponsible thing to do to children just entering the precarious adolescent stage. Do these school officials have no clue? In my opinion they will likely be responsible for at least a couple of eventual deaths, as well as many years of misery.

Unless my child is on the wrestling team there is absolutely no reason they even need to know my child's weight much less actually weigh them at the school. My child's weight is NONE of their freaking business! Why the heck didn't one of the multitude of adults in on this raise any concerns? If this is how incompetent they are with this issue how what else is going on?

Of course there are also labeling concerns with school weigh-ins.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Smell Something Fishy

This isn't coming across as remotely genuine to me. Hmmm...what can Kathy Ireland do to boost her non-existent career? Let's see. How about gaining 25lbs, losing it, and writing a book about it? Sounds like a plan! Hey, maybe we'll even get a deal selling exercise equipment on an infomercial or a home shopping channel!

Kathy, if you were really serious about this you would have at least packed on 50 pounds. Come on, where is the dedication to your craft?