Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Funny, Correct Way to Weigh Yourself

I got this in a forward from a friend, it amuses me.

The correct way to weigh yourself:

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honesty at the DOL

Yesterday I had my driver's license renewed after living for five years with what I swear has to be one of the worst driver's license pictures of all time, no kidding it was death row inmate quality. I think for the first time my license will not have a vanity weight. I actually stated as honestly as I could my weight given I'm not sure of it exactly. There it is laminated glory: death fat, available for every cashier who is so inclined to check. For once what is stated is what it is: not a goal weight, not what I was a my thinnest, not 15 or 25 shaved off, not what I last managed to diet and starve myself to. I was going to do it anyway but I admit it helped that my clerk was also death fat and didn't even blink an eye. It was liberating in a way and milestone in this whole fat acceptance. Like if I can't accept where I am how can I expect everyone else to?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fat Clothing and Simple Living

So the subject of my plentiful wardrobe came up yet again with my husband. I would like to put this on-going discussion into the context that both of us strive toward the idea of real simple living (not the somewhat commercialized, marketed magazine version). We find being real practitioners somewhat impossible with four children but we dream of it regardless. Our big plan for when all of our kids leave the nest is to get rid of almost everything and move into a parked RV and travel around together in a conversion van.

One of the areas I really cannot seem to commit to minimalism is my clothing. At first my husband attributed it to me being female. However, during the course of the discussion it finally occured to me I also despise the feeling of being unprepared and vulnerable. And I really, really hate paying full price for anything. Being a size 34 pant and a basic size Large shirt my husband can walk into pretty much any store, anywhere that offers men's clothing a just buy something, anything to fit him. At any time. At a size 24/26, 3/4X I cannot. Finding clothes that I like that fit and flatter me takes effort, usually mail-order, and lots of trial and error. Right now I just can't seem to get comfortable with the idea of having less than a stockpile of clothing any more than I can not full pantry bargains with four hungry kids. I have back-ups, for back-ups of swimsuits bought on clearance at Junonia. I guess I will need to sort this out in the coming years as I do not want stuff, even clothing, keeping us back from our dreams and plans.