Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweater from Igigi and "Most Fabulous Pants" from Avenue. Outside of the lack of pockets they are indeed a totally fabulous pant. They are super comfortable and don't pinch or bind me anywhere. I went back and bought several of them on sale. As usual I also love the Igigi sweater and should have likely ordered a size down. My hair is in an in process stage to get much of the layers grown out long enough to cut them out and I'm less than happy with it at the moment.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sweater from Avenue, tank from Torrid, skinny jeans from Avenue, scarf from Coldwater Creek, rad knee-high stretch boots finally found off ebay after much frustration and many returns to several plus sized retailers that claimed they were wide calf boots (Yes, I mean you Woman Within and Roamans--standardize your freaking sizes to your charts or give individualized dimensions for each size for each item. Eventually fat woman will get of dealing with this shoddy treatment.).
Me and my little guy, he didn't want to actually touch my lips because I had lipstick on. Shirt from Avenue, ponte knit pants from Junonia, scarf from One Stop Plus. His little yellow rain boots are from Gymboree.

Yep, I actually fell on my ample behind after trying to straddle the little chair.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making My Fat Fatty Fatness Visible

The last several months I've noticed a lot of buzz on several fat acceptance sites about making our fat selves more visible in an effort to normalize our bodies. I've decided to take on the challenge and will be making an effort to post more pictures of myself. Sometimes I might do some outfit blogging, maybe I won't. I see a lot of fantastic, fat, edgy, and mostly young outfit bloggers. I think I can bring a slightly different voice to the party.

I'm 42, a homemaker, mom of four, and a military spouse of one who is currently deployed overseas. I have a mostly casual Seattle lifestyle but I do attend a lot of theatre and artistic endeavors. I like to dress uniquely but at my age I find some things are just starting to look silly. I'm fairly shameless and difficult to embarrass. I've come a long way in my self and fat acceptance but I, of course, still struggle with moments of doubt and criticalness. I'm really not sure what I weigh and don't feel inclined to find out. I'm 5'4" and I generally wear a US size 26-28 (less if we're dealing with Igigi, higher even than that if we're dealing with "skinny" jeans as I like them less skinny).

I foresee this taking my blog in a bit of a new direction for me and some antics from my normal life weaving themselves in my normalizing body image. Since I cannot find the thingy that attaches a camera to my tripod there will undoubtedly be some odd angles until it turns up.

Today's outfit: red ponte knit dress and black ponte knit leggings from Avenue, both bought a size too big so they would be loose; scarf from Walgreens, where I had addiction buying their 2 for $10 scarves every time I went in there for milk.