Monday, September 30, 2013

SWAK's Curvy Kitten Lizzie Collar Dress

This Lizzie Collar Dress in Red Cherry Print is from the beloved SWAK's Curvy Kitten vintage inspired line released in spring of 2013.

This is one of the pieces from the Curvy Kitten line that runs large.  I normally wear a 4 and this one is a 3.  However, I like this dress so much I wanted it in black as well, the 3 is sold out in that color so I will have to find a way to make the 4 work.

Many items from this line are fairly low cut and this one is no exception.  I choose to pin the lapels to keep the girls a little more under wraps.

I also have on a cropped cardigan from Old Navy in a straight sized XXL, these were a light weight treasure and I ordered one in every color.  The flower pin and the butterfly necklace both came from the Facebook Fattoo group.

This dress has an elastic back panel, back tie, and is made from a mildly stretchy cotton/spandex twill so it's nicely accomodating and adustable.

My Mister called this my bossy pants picture.  But I'm in a dress.  Boys.

This is Dorothy.  Yes, named after that Dorothy.  She has a ruby red slipper collar that you sadly can't see in this picture.  She also hates being held but is mildly tolerating it to be featured on my blog.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SWAK Curvy Kitten Jean Tulip Skirt

I loved all of SWAK's Curvy Kitten  vintage inspired line released in the spring.  I have to say I was super disappointed they didn't continue with the same or a similar line for this fall.  This skirt is from that line.

A lot of the Curvy Kitten line ran large but I think this skirt runs true to size.  I'm wearing a 4, my normal size and it hugs my tummy in a fairly flattering way without being too constricting.  Where as my Maggie Crinoline dress in polka dots in a 4 is much too large but I'm going to find a way to make it work as it's completely sold out.

I'm 5'4" so this skirt does just hit me below the knee but I think it still gives a pretty, great curvy shape.  It's made from a THICK, stretchy polyester/spandex knit.  I think the weight of the fabric helps it hug the curves nicely without the normal cling that so many lighter weight polyester/spandex knits have.

For anyone else curious about my other pieces the ruffle sweater is from Lane Bryant via the Facebook Fattoo group, the belt is Dots, the shoes are Klogs, the glasses are from Zenni, and the necklace with a handmade artisan piece.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ASOS Curve Spot Print Dress

I vasiclated about this fun dress for a while until I saw a picture of my friend Stina in it from Fatshion Peepshow in it.  Of course she looks so much better in it than I do but I thought I would fan girl grasp at her magical coattails anyway.

It's the spot print dress available from ASOS Curve.  The dress is a light weight cotton knit.  I have on a US size 22.  Of course around the bust the circles become ovals (even my mister said, "I like the ovals on your dress.").  I'm 5'4" so, as always, things thankfully hit me much lower than they do the ASOS model.  I added a belt I got from Walmart last year and the red patent leather shoes are from Klogs.

This dress is also super fun for going under a black light at a club.  Of course mine was at the dance party at the Children's Museum rather than a real nightclub but I'm sure it works the same either way.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Denim Jacket


I have an uneasy relationship with denim, especially blue denim.  Getting jeans that fit me has always been a frustrating experience that has only gotten more difficult with being a larger size.  Then there's skinny jeans.  Apparently I have skinny girl ankles and cannot find skinny jeans that fit both fat girl hips and skinny girl ankles. 


Then there's jean jackets.  They have always been uncomfortable, boxy things that made me resemble a very busty linebacker.  However, with the current trend of more fitted, cropped, stretch denim jackets I thought I would give them a shot.  Especially when I found this one on eBay for $15 shipped (it's a very gently used Venezia in 26/28).  It's really the most comfortable jean jacket I've ever tried on. 

About the same time I found the jacket on eBay I also found this dress.  I loved the retro style and the lime green bow.  The seller said it was black and green.  It is not.  It is navy.  I have an even more difficult relationship with navy than I do with blue denim.  Navy goes with almost nothing in my closet.  Its use as a neutral color in my wardrobe has always eluded me.  I like black.  Black really does go with everything.  Except navy.
I disliked the dress so much when I first got it I immediately listed in on the Facebook group Fattoo.  Then I tried it on again.  I decided to try to work with it.  (It was listed on Fattoo for about 30 minutes).   It's an Avenue dress in a size 28.

Normally I wouldn't have thought to pair the jacket and the dress together but when I saw them beside each other on my eBay list I thought they looked cute together, and were something out of my normal look.

Also, if you're admiring my Tree of Life necklace (and really, who wouldn't?) it's a custom made piece by talented friend Heather Harding, her website can be found here.
And that is how one has a better relationship with blue denim.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Torrid Pop Art Tank Dress

Here's the sister of my previous post, Torrid's Pop Art tank dress.  Like it's sibling, it runs a little large especially in top so I wore a black tank under it so all my goods and scaffolding was on full display.  It's a super stretchy fabric, much like swimsuit material.
I decided to keep the size 4 as I wanted a fuller, retro styled skirt.
Well, somebody is at least happy to be on my boob.

After a full day of wearing this too much top got to me and I finished off my evening by shortening the straps, taking off about three inches on each side, eliminating the need for the undertank for future wearings.