Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black, White, and Red All Over

This month's theme for our plus sized blogging collective, Ahead of the Curve (like us on Facebook!), is "Big Girls Can't Wear Prints?"  The answer is of course we can and do!  In fact, I'm one to overdo; so if one outfit is good, six has got to be better.  I added a personal challenge to it as I tried to get prints on several different types of garments.  But since I still wanted the overall post to look cohesive I went with black, white, and red (most plentiful in my wardrobe).  Admittedly some of my "prints" are really "patterns" but hopefully there's something for everyone.  Let the prints roll:

The Sweater

This black and red floral cardigan was purchased second hand from Fattoo.  It's 3X and form fitting.  The chiffon scarf in my hair is vintage; it belonged to my mother.
The capris are Torrid's Retro Chic - High-Waisted Cropped Pants.  As you can see, the bottom of the leg isn't fitted on me like the model.  They are pretty stretchy and I likely could have sized down in them.  My only real complaint on the these pants is that I've always found the side zipper closure difficult to manage.  However, since the pants are a little loose on me it isn't too bad.  I used the patent leather belt that came with the pants on the outside of my sweater. 

I carried the print to one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  These are by Klogs (an awesome brand of shoes for my problem feet).  The Caramie shoe is still available from 6pm.

The Dress

To be honest this dress didn't photograph as well as I hoped.  It is much better in person.  In fact the evening I wore it one woman told be my dress was fantastic, and it is.  This is a stretch jersey full wrap dress by Vicky Tiel from HSN in a lip print.  The quality on this is as nice or nicer than some of the dresses I have received from Kiyonna and Igigi.  It has great attention to detail which includes a ruffle cut skirt front and ruched sleeves .  For me a full wrap dress is far superior than a mock wrap as my waist is about two sizes smaller than my hips and with a fully functioning wrap I can adjust it to fit me.  I'm wearing a 3X and it's generously sized.  This print is no longer available but it can be had in a pretty blue color for only $14.97!  From my understanding the wrap dress is Vicky Tiel's signature piece so more colors and prints should be available from her in the future, I'm sure this one won't be my last. 

These tights came from Avenue a year or two ago.  The pattern is cute but the waist is not nearly stretchy enough and caused a couple of ladies' room panic moments during the evening.  I'm probably going to have to cut the waistband before I wear them again and rely on Spanx to keep them up.  The boots are the Rory extended calf boots from Payless.  Sadly it doesn't look like they are offering red this season but they are affordable and they fit my 19.5" calves.  I own them in several colors, having bought most of them during a major holiday coupon deal.

The Skirt

This diamond pencil skirt is from ASOS.  This print is no longer available but there is a really cute black and white print in a similar style for only $16.02. 
I'm only 5'4" and I have the skirt hiked up pretty high underneath my sweater. I love this outfit. I kind of felt like I had just stepped out from having tea with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland for most of the day.

I do feel the need to point out one of my truly all time favorite shoes.  They are black velvet Mary Janes from Doc Marten.  I also have them in red.  They are beautiful and may be worth hunting for in a secondary market if you are so inclined.

The Tunic

This is the print that challenges all other claims of prints...or just incorporated them all.  The tunic is by La Redoute.  It's a stretchy jersey knit and super comfortable.

This tunic has a built in modesty panel.  For once something that doesn't require a tank underneath it!  This print isn't currently available but the tunic is still available in a solid red on One Stop Plus.
I bought these boots last season from Avenue but they pretty much look like the same style as the Colson Tall Faux Suede Boot currently being offered at $44.99!  They are incredible and one of the only truly tall boots I have ever tried that fit my 19.5" calves.  If I didn't already own these in black as well I would be running fast to scoop them up.
Second Tunic
This handkerchief hem, bandana print tunic is one of my first and favorite Fattoo purchases.  I have cut off the itchy tag but I think it was made by Venezia.    It has a stretchy jersey knit bodice that makes it really easy and comfortable to wear.

I got these faux leather leggings from Deb's and while the junior sized 3X fits me fine they slide down, A LOT.  Like, makes me stabby A LOT.  They lasted about two hours before I couldn't take it anymore and put on a pair of black velvet ones.  They are fine for a photo shoot or if your life involves sitting around looking cute but my life involves more movement than that.  I'm sure they will find their way on to Fattoo soon (with warning).  The boots were purchased from Silhouettes before they sadly went out of business.  The have a real leather front, foot, and side braid with a stretchy spandex back.  I wish more boots were made with similar construction.
The Leggings
The sweater tunic is a few years old and one of my favorite things ever from Lane Bryant.  Its only fault is that it pills more than most cotton based sweaters and needs a shave after almost every wear. 

The leggings came from ASOS Curve a couple of months ago.  I'm no longer seeing them on the site but Torrid has similar ones.  I think they are super fun and they certainly make a bold statement.  These red patent leather Carolina shoes are also from Klogs and currently available on 6pm.

My fantastic necklace is a custom piece by my fellow Ahead of the Curve blogger, Stina from Fatshion Peepshow.  She has an Esty shop, Everyday Is Like Halloween and an Everyday Is Like Halloween Facebook page.

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