Friday, December 20, 2013

The Fat Girl Glams It Up

 I have to be honest, I struggled with this month's Ahead of the Curve theme of holiday glitz and glam.  While I'm usually overdressed for almost every occasion where I live, I'm not really comfortable with glamour and especially not glitz (I have a black sequined tank top that has been in my closet for two or three years with the tag still on it).  When this dress arrived from Modcloth I finally found my inspiration.

This is the String of Twirls Dress by Moon from Modcloth.  I had never ordered from Modcloth beore but I went wild during their fantastic Black Friday sale and ordered 13 items, knowing most of them probably wouldn't work for me.  Sure enough eight items got sent back, seven of them were too small on me.  Even with those low odds their free returns makes it worth it to try them again in the future for me.


Unlike most of the other items from Modcloth this may have even run slightly big on me.  It's stretchy and comfortable, always a positive.  The cardigan was bought secondhand through Fattoo but it's from Torrid.

The dress has a lovely detailed neckline of a gold tone chain and faux pearls.
With the pearl neckline and faux collar there wasn't much room for embellishment but I added a vintage looking pair of earrings to add a little sparkle.
The minimized other accesorries finally allowed me to the perfect oppurtunity to wear my statement handband.
The headband was another Fattoo purchase.  I think it's just too fun, whimsical, and over the top for daily wear; making it just right for a glam evening.

These shoes were another one of my keepers from Modcloth.  They are first heel purchase in many years but they were just too fun to resist.
I paired the shoes with a textured tight on accident at first as I was searching for my solid black ones but I think the look is a happy accident.
I wish everyone happy holidays and I hope all of my fat sisters get the oppurtunity to go out in glamour and glitz, feeling confident and beautiful!   Please go check out more plus sized holiday glitz and glam from the rest of the beautiful Ahead of the Curve ladies!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Modcloth Floral Flashback Dress is Seeing Triples!

Two of my fellow blogging friends from the Ahead of the Curve, Affatshionista and Fatshion Peepshow ordered this dress from Modcloth on Black Friday during their fantastic 50% off sale.  All of us are wearing it in a 4X.  It was part of my first ever Modcloth purchase and I'm delighted with it.  If you are interested in trying Modcloth for the first time you can use this link to get $15 off $50.

This Floral Flashback Dress obviously lends itself beautifully to holiday wear but I think it can work well for the fall through the early spring as well, especially for those with a more darkly inclined style like mine.

My cardigan was a super buy I got from Kohl's after the last holiday season.  It's a Candie's label and it has lovely beaded embellishments.  My Mary Jane shoes are from Klogs.