Sunday, January 19, 2014

Leopard Print Skirt Comes Out to Play

Outfit of the day for a museum day.  SWAK skirt, ancient sweater of unknown origin, Dots belt.

Klog brand Mary Janes.  Super comfortable for walking.

My mother's vintage pearls.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Review of (Mostly) Black Plus Size Leggings

Like many women I have an assortment of black leggings. They are the go to staple for many of my outfits. I never really gave them too much thought until I recently realized how many different brands I have. I figured a review of sorts might be helpful to others and along the way it even surprised me. I captured 10 different leggings, eight different brands. I'm going to rank them from least favorite to most favorite. For comparison my waist is 43" and my hips are 62", my inseam is about 26", my ankles are 9.5", and I'm 5'4". I generally wear a size 26/28, depending on brand. For each legging I took two pictures, both from behind, one with it stretched out with my hand to give you an idea of roominess. I'm wearing my favorite everyday microfiber black panties so you can get an idea of coverage, pantylines, etc. Okay, prepare to see too much of my backside!

10: Bozzolo from Deb's in a size 3X

These are a cotton based knit and the fit is nice and snug, even at my ankles which is often an issue. However you can see the coverage isn't great and I've pretty much maxed out room in these. I actually haven't worn these yet but I'm thinking this won't be a long-lasting pair but they are affordable. Given the sheerish over the backside I will only likely wear these with a very long tunic or a dress.
9. SWAK, Sealed with a Kiss Designs in a 4X 
These SWAK's Classic Cotton Legging are  for the most part an improvement of the pair from Deb's. With their higher price tag there is an improvement on quality and stretch but as you can see they are still quite sheer in the backside. What I do not like on me for fit is the ankle is loose and they hit oddly above my ankles.  I suspect the fit is only going to get worse when I wash them. What is nice about these is they have a less binding waist band.  I have heard good things about SWAK's The Perfect Legging, I hope to try them soon.
8. Old Navy 4X 
These Old Navy leggings are a cotton based knit. Pretty thin fabric but as you can see better backside coverage than the previous pairs. Roomy fit, in fact these really fit more like a yoga pant on me and are too baggy to really work as a true legging. Therefore they have been relegated to mostly sleepwear for me but they are comfortable for that and have held up pretty well after a year of use.  I believe these leggings are the same or similar to the pair I have on here.
7. Torrid 4X 
Ranking these as a 7 seems a little unfair as the same pair in a size smaller shows up as number four but I approached it as what I would recommend to somebody my size looking for a pair with my given choices. These are a cotton based legging with a generous fit, really too generous for my size and since ordering this pair I have learned to always size down in Torrid leggings. Since they are baggy it is more of a yoga pant fit on me and sizing is similar to the Old Navy pair but the quality of the fabric is just slightly superior to that of Old Navy's.
6. Avenue 26/28 Petite 
This ranking is also a bit unfair as the same pair in another size shows up later but it's to show that unless you're really shorter petite (or taller and want a longer capri length) these might be too short on you as well. They hit me very oddly and I can only wear them with boots.
5. ASOS Curve US size 22
I don't have a pair of basic black leggings from ASOS Curve but after this review I think I will need to remedy that. Given time with those they might even move up to the third or fourth slot for me if they have similar fit and feel to these. These are also a cotton based legging but they have a foil design along the outside of each leg, limiting their versatility as a basic. The fabric and coverage is more substantial than any of the previous leggings. The cut is closer to the body and they are less roomy, in a way that I'm looking for in a legging.
4. Torrid 3X 
These are exactly the same pair as my seventh place but as you can see the 3X is a much closer leggings fit. They are one of my go-to, don't even need to think about it, comfortable pieces.  These basic leggings should be the same or similar to the ones I have on here.
3. Avenue 26/28 Average length
These are my very favorite pair of basic black, cotton leggings in my closet. I also have a bunch of these in capri length and I wore them all summer long. They are a close, snug fit but still really comfortable. One caveat, these were purchased before Avenue did a big revamp so I don't know if their current leggings are of the same quality.
2. Denim 24/7 size 2X 
Obviously these aren't anywhere close to a basic black legging but I wanted to include as many brands as I could for comparison. I'm even a little surprised by these ranking as I have to admit I tend to be a little biased against the Woman Within/Roaman's brands at times. Given the fit and fabric of these leggings only I would happily try a basic black knit legging from Denim 24/7 if they ever produce one.
1. Teggings, one size 
Obviously these are not like the others and are pretty sheer over the backside but if I could only keep one pair of the whole bunch these would be it. I wear teggings all the time under dresses. They are ridiculously comfortable and putting them on truly is an "ahhh" feeling. The don't sag, gap, run, slip, pinch, or ride up. They eliminate all chub rub on me. They are exactly as their name suggests: a cross between tights and leggings. Teggings are available from Re/Dress.
If you have any comments or recommendations about plus size leggings please let me know below!
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