Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Gasp of Summer

We seem to be in our last days of summer weather here and I am surely going to miss it.  I took it as the opportunity to finally wear this Hell Bunny dress I got on clearance from Hot Topic a few months ago.
Even without a petticoat (something that would have really impractical in our crowded church and the tight theatre seats that were part of my day) the skirt is pretty full.  I will be sad to pack this dress away until next spring.

I recently got diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, basically my immune system is attacking my thyroid.  Since the thyroid is a butterfly shaped glad in the neck I've decided to adopt the butterfly as my totem.  I've started a collection of butterfly necklaces and this one is a recent addition.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tripping Down Memory Lane

The theme for September's Ahead of the Curve collective post is Back to School.  It has been a long, long time since I was in school.  In honor of that time I'm throwing a nod to my enduring favorite band, U2.

U2 has been my favorite band since 1983, when my brother in law introduced me to their War and October albums. 

My first U2 concert was December 8, 1984 at Fox Theater in Detroit.  I was right up front and center, it was magical.  I've been to many concerts over the years, including U2 concerts, but nothing has come close to that special night.

In college I camped outside of Ticketmaster outlets overnight three times for U2 tickets.  That is how it was done pre-internet.  I met some of my life-long friends in those lines.

While I own several now vintage U2 t-shirts none of them still fit.  I bought this shirt off eBay.  The ponte knit pants are from Torrid.  The boots are from Walmart.

These boots are pretty fierce.  I definitely would have worn these in high school and college if I had them.
You are welcome to join me on a gratuitous trip down memory lane, prepare yourself for big 80's hair.  (Excuse the picture quality, my scanner decided to add specks to all the photos, a new scanner needs to go on my Christmas list.) 
 Junior prom, spring 1985. All prom dresses looked like they came right out of Madonna's Like a Virgin video back then. Since prom dress options were pretty limited I think I was one of five or six girls at my prom in some color version of this dress. I was the only one who had to have a modesty panel put into the deep, sheer V as it was shocking. The boy and I are still friends to this day.

Homecoming, fall 1985.  More lace, same lad.
February 1986.  Shoulder pads and my red Sally Jessie glasses.

Senior prom, spring 1986.  More lace and pastels.
High school graduation, 1986.

Me and Randy practicing for a talent show in my dorm room, fall 1986.

Going to a friend's baby shower in January 1987.  Big hair, big belts, more pastel.

Me and Scooter hanging out in my dorm room in 1987.  My two toned hair phase begins.  The music cassette storage and Bon Jovi pictures are mine.  The stuffed animal collection was my roommate's.

More two toned hair.  My boyfriend Andy was tickling me. 1987.

Visiting a friend in New Jersey.  My favorite jacket ever.  1987.
Me and my adorable date Tom for a college spring formal in 1987.  My dress was recycled from the high school homecoming.  I put a temporary dye over my two toned hair just for the event.
Me walking the most uncooperative Maggie.  More of my favorite jacket and the cowboy boots I loved to death.  1987.
The first picture of me and my future husband.  We had only been dating for about two weeks when this was taken outside of my dorm room.  He proposed about three months later. March 1988.
Me and my last boyfriend after he lost a bet with me and had to wear pink.  On the roof of my dorm in 1988.  (He did continue to favor pink for years after that.)
The last picture of me taken in my last dorm room in 1989, I moved off campus into an apartment with one of my best friends to this day, Colleen.

Me and the man who paid for it all, my da, on college graduation day.  I was the fourth child in my family and the first one to graduate from college, he was over the moon.

College graduation, 1990.
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