Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Vacation!

This month's Ahead of the Curve topic is summer wear, getting ready for summer. I thought it would be fun to do something a little different, I'm showing what I'm taking on a two week trip. All the essentials in carry ons!

Here's what I'm taking with me: six bottoms, six tops, two dresses (one is used mainly as a swim suit cover up), two cardigans, two pairs of shoes, six socks, six pairs of underwear, two bras, two glasses, three headbands, a pair of Jockey slip shorts, a bathing suit, one sun hat, and one scarf.  As you can see I followed a red, black, and polka dot theme so things can mix and match.

Here is the bottom layer of my rolling carry on. Things are rolled between the bars and strapped down. 

I added my hanging toiletries kit that also contains my jewelry and make up.

On the top layer I added the rest of my clothes in a red packing cube, along with my Crocs and glasses.
 but hopefully it will be of interest: 

If you're interested in hearing more about what I packed, what I'm packing for, and how I did it I made my first Youtube Vlog to go along with my post: 

Fair warning the video is long, I called my Crocs clogs, and I say "you know" A LOT but hopefully you will find it helpful.

In my personal carry on I pack only what I need handy for the long day of flying and lay overs. Here is a glimpse into what I put into my personal carry on: neck pillow, large snack bag (I can't eat gluten, or many processed foods so I need to carry my food most places), tube of hand lotion, alcohol wipes, ear plugs, sleeping mask, wipe container, and my small purse. I will add my travel documents, phone chargers, medicine, and supplements. Once I get past security in the airport I always but a coconut or vitamin water.

Here it all is inside my personal bag.

And here is where I admit I am also checking a bag and why:

I think I may have said "you know" a few less times but I angled the camera incorrectly.  Oh well, lesson learned for next time!

Since I lost my luggage once I now only check non-essentials. Here is what I'm checking: my hiking pole, hiking boots, thicker long socks for hiking, an extra pair of shoes, a spare swim suit, a hipster bag, and three bottoms and three tops for sleeping/loungewear. 

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